Monday, February 05, 2007

Weigh-in Monday

So you're probably tired of hearing me whine about how sick I am and how much I hate being sick, so I won't whine about how nauseous, cranky, feverish, and frozen I am or how my nose is on fire and my lungs are stuffed with cold. I won't.

Instead I'll complain about how as of today, I've officially lost 20.2 lbs, and it shows on the scale, however it doesn't seem to show in my clothes or in the mirror. I'm wondring if the antibiotics have anything to do with that? (bloating?) I've lost 20lbs and I expanded 2 inches on my tummy and torso since last week ? Blarg.

Today is Smoke free day #36. Not too bad eh? What drives me nuts though is how when you're a smoker, everyone and their dog feels the need to comment about your bad habits, but almost no one congratulates you when you quit smoking for more than a month. No one notices that you changed your hair color... no one noticed that I'm losing weight..... sigh. I want attention dammit :P Okay I dont want attention, but I would like some sort of positive feedback from the people who liked to complain about my smoking and eating.

And I can't wait to start reaping the benefits of my healthier lifestyle. I quit smoking and quit eating and I'm feeling crappier than ever :-S < / whine >


Scatterbrain said...

youre only feeling crappy because your sick and you will feel better. i think you are doing awsome!!! losing weight and quitting smoking at the same time?

Anygma said...

CONGRATULATION!!! i'm very happy for you, you are doing great!!!

as for crappyness, i share in your pain, it wouldn't be different no matter what you did, most likely. so confort yourself knowing that you're doing the best you could do.

cold season can't last for ever, or else, i'm going banana too.

Rebecca said...

Nancy, that is GREAT!!!!! I'm so proud of you for sticking with this! And you're doing it the old fashioned way, determination!

Emily said...

congrats on stopping smoking AND eating better!!!! your body will thank you ;) keep it up!!!


miika said...

Congratulations!! Quitting smoking and losing weight at the same time is awesome!
And I'm with the others, you'll feel better soon, as soon as the cold/fever is gone, and then you'll feel better than ever!

Amanda said...

That is WONDERFUL - you're doing GREAT. Just give your body time to adjust.
My cousin quit smoking in November and she's just had cold after cold - her doctor told her the same thing. Her body's just adjusting, and when you've smoked/ate poorly/etc for a long time, it takes time.
Keep it up! I'm proud of you!

Steph said...

Yay for not killing me with 2nd hand smoke anymore :p I'm happy you don't smoke anymore, one less thing to worry about hurting your health and chances of getting pregnant :)

You do look like you've lost weight. I will really congratulate you (re:us) when we get back down to where we were on Atkins. I think we're halfway there already.

Kelsie said...

Congrats Nancy! That is fantastic news! I am so very proud of you!!!

Jenn said...

Nancy ~ You are doing an awesome job with the weight loss and with the not smoking. Once you are off of the antibiotics and are rid of your cold, I think you will notice how much better you feel.