Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Snoop Dogg concert recap...

We had an absolute BLAST at the concert! Although the radio contest was very falsely advertised; we were not on a stage at all. We were sitting where the hockey players sit. There was a raised floor though so I guess that could be confused with a stage? From the beginning:

We left and stopped for food on the way to the coliseum. I had a McD's turkey BLT sandwich which I didn't remember was so tasty. They're like 11 ww points, but worth it IMO. We drove to the coliseum and we found a good parking spot and ate our feast. Then Tina and Shane came to meet us there so that they could drive us to the pre-party so that we would have our car at the coliseum after the concert. We found the S's house and pre-partied hehe. At some point one of Steph's coworker told us a story about how he had offered his gf a hot dog.... Using HIS wiener.. with ketchup and mustard on it.... which will bring mental images evertime I see him now :-O

They had ordered pizza, and it was taking forever. The Limo actually got there before the pizza. S said:"Let the limo wait... and my house value go up" hehe. Man that limo is HUGE! I don't know how it turns corners. It comfortably seats 14. We couldn't see where we were going, the windows were all steamed up. Music was blasting, lights were twinkling and changing colors in the ceiling, and it was soooo cool yet sooooo weird! You know when you feel so completely out of place? hehe Well I did feel like a rockstar hehe. We still had the limo for an hour so we drove around, but I have no idea where we went. At some point we stopped at the Irving on St-George to go pee lol

When we got at the coliseum, Steph got out of the limo first and pretended to be the bodygard LOL Well one good thing about the VIP tickets is that we went in front of every single ridiculously long waiting line. The security was insane!!! Even though we could pass in front of the line, we still had to be gropped and swiped with the metal detector wand. Then we had to pass in front of a huge scary drug sniffing police dog.. eek! Then the security was done but we still had to follow like a maze to get to the actual concert area. At some point we were told to "Follow the white light". A said "That's never good!" hehe

Finally we arrived to the concert area and realized with dissapointment that our VIP Blue Carpet Treatment blah blah blah stage was actually the players box and nothing special about it hehe. Even the limo wasn't even part of the prize, A paid for that. Approximately in the middle of Ice Cube's set, Kate and Scotty, the radio dj's showed up. Steph was sorely dissapointed in how dorky Scotty looks LOL. He said he might blog about it hehe. Kate was gorgeous, she looks like Callie from Grey's Anatomy. So the fake raised floor was made out of plywood and the 12 of us were dancing like maniacs and the floor was bouncing up and down, making Steph dance all night by default LOL. He actually volontarily bobbed his head and raised his motherfucking middle finger in the air, as per Snoop's instructions. It's the first time I've ever seen him dance for 3-4 hours long hehe. He later said : I felt like a dork for dancing, but also felt like a dork if I didn't. lol!

After the concert ended, we were supposed to help drive some people back to the pre-party house, but we totally lost the group. We searched and waited for a while, but we figured there was 10 of them and 3 other cars at the coliseum, so no one would get stranded. So we left. Steph's hearing was only half working for the next 24 hours hehe.

So there you have it. The Snoop Story. I'm still feeling sick as fawk, so I don't know how coherent the story will be!

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Hobby Chef said...

LOL, Nancy. Your posts always make me laugh (Steph raising his motherfucking middle finger, etc.) Sounds like you guys had a blast!