Tuesday, January 09, 2007

China in May 2008?

My uncle Ted is back home in China this morning. He works at the Canadian embassy in Bejing, China but he was back home to visit his dying mother for the past week. It must have been really really hard to leave when you know that it's the last time you'll ever see your mother alive. Ted invited my parents and us to go visit them in China! Well he's been inviting us ever since he moved there, but lately it seems that life keeps reminding us of it's shortness, and since he's going to finish his assignment there and leave in July 2008, we're beginning to realize that this is really the chance of a lifetime. We would only have to pay for our flights mostly, as we would all stay at his house and we could cook at his house at lot and he would be an awesome tour guide. So my parents are us are going to try our hardest to come up with the money to go visit them in China in May 2008.

THAT is a HUGE huge huge weight loss motivation for me!! 1 - I would want to be more comfortable on the long ass flight there. 2 - The last time I took a plane was when I had a blood clot in my leg (DVT) why I therefore need these stinking compression socks now... I'm scared something like that would happen again, although the socks should help eh? and 3- I wouldn't want to break all the little chinese people's furniture!

So wish me luck! I need to continue with my weight loss, and to somehow gather enough money to afford this trip! That's like 16 months away, so I've got 64 chances to win at 6/49 before we leave! hehehe

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Rebecca said...

Good luck Nancy! China would be an awesome vacation!!!