Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My pink phase was short lived.

You already know how I've already begun counting the days until spring ? When we had our first snow fall I nearly cried. I'm soooo not looking forward to winter this year. Especially the slick roads and the shoveling/snowblowing part. When I took out my winter coat out of the closet, the light pink was too much for me to handle this year. :P (Remember the new winter coat I bought last year in an out of the ordinary for me light pink, with fur trimmed cuffs and collar ?) Ugh. I wore it for the first week, and then I was completely sick of it. PLUS when I was sitting in the car driving, the fur collar would rise up to my ears and I felt like my coat was giving birth to me.

So I went to Pennington's Monday, and you wouldn't believe the good deal I got! First of all, there was only ONE style of coat that I really liked in the whole coat section, and they had none left in my size. Bummer! So I tried on the next smaller size while reciting a Hail Mary... and it FIT!!! For a moment I thought I might have lost some weight, and then I came back to my senses. I think the coat and me were meant to be together, because the tag hanging from the sleeve has the wrong size information!! It WAS my size.

AND it was 40% off. AND I had a $20 coupon that I got in the mail. AND I had a $25 gift certificate that they send you every time you spend $500 there. AND last but not least, I got a free $15 gift basket (bath stuff) because I was purchasing more than 80$.

So the $189.99 plus tax coat (which would have totalled $216.59) ended up costing me $82 and I got the free gift!! W00t W00t! Even Steph couldn't stay ticked too long that I had bought a new winter coat already. (I had sworn up and down that last year's new winter coat would last me for years!) It's the 3rd winter in a row that I buy a new winter coat... or is it 4 ? Well fawk, when winter lasts what feels like 1/2 the year here.... Does anyone else have a hard time wearing the same winter coat for more than a season?

This one MIGHT actually last me more than this winter though lol I made sure it was really comfortable before buying. I sat down and pretended to hold a steering wheel even :P AND It's black.... aaah back to my comforting funeral attire.


Lisa said...

Yay for a deal! I have a pink coat...that I wear like once a year and pink is my fav. colour. When I wear it, I kinda feel like a porn star...weird eh? LMAO!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

I understand. I have a coat fetish. Whenever I walk into a store, I am automatically attracted to all coats......