Wednesday, November 08, 2006

TOO much of a good thing....

I Love The OC. I do. But why are they showing new episodes two nights in a row ? Tonight AND tomorrow!? WTF? Tonight is my Biggest Loser and Lost night... Biggest Loser is a 2 hour special too! What's going on ? Oh yeah... November Sweeps ? Not to forget America's Next Top Model that I normally tape on timeshifting because there just isn't enough time. All my shows are on Wed and Thurs!

The OC tonight : Ryan and Seth go to Mexico to find Vulchok. Sandy and Kirsten go after the boys. Julie and Kaitlin are forced to participate in a clothing drive at the school. Summer and her hippie friends try to save a tree. Taylor visits Summer at Brown.

The OC tomorrow : Summer packs to be with her family and Seth for the holiday; Julie is unable to deal with Kaitlin or Dr. Roberts and winds up spending much of the holiday alone.

Lost tonight : I Do Jack makes a decision regarding Ben's offer; Kate feels helpless when it looks like Pickett is going to make good on his threat to kill Sawyer; Locke discovers a hidden message that may help unlock the island's secrets.

ANTM tonight : The Girl Who Wrecks the Car- Professional athlete Gabrielle Reece teaches the women the art of action modeling; the models fly during a daring photo shoot at a skydiving training facility.

Biggest Loser tonight : Some of the 36 contestants return for a chance to rejoin the competition; two contestants struggle to keep up with the training

Am I the only one with too many tv shows on wednesdays and thursdays ?

Nancy, your unofficial tv guide.


Kelsie said...

No. It seems that everything is on Thursday and Monday for me. I hate that.

Lisa said...

WTF? I knew there was a new episode on last night but I just assumed it would be the same as Thursdays!! What the hell are they trying to do?? Dammit, I should have watched it..but we were saving it for Thursday cause we have friends coming over!!

Scatterbrain said...

But did you find a pork chop in your bra?


Me, it's Thursday nights, all my faves are on. I like Sundays too. wednesdays aren't too shabby either.

Rebecca said...

Sorry, 90210 is my OC! I love the DVR, I can watch anything, anytime, but my problem is that I like having it get almost 100% full and then I am forced to watch a bunch of crap, but when I have 4 weeks worth of Grey's on there, I can have mini marathons, and that's what's fun!