Thursday, November 09, 2006

If it tastes good, spit it out, quick!

Aren't those Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches so good ? Mmmmm! When we started eating them about 2 weeks ago, aka when we got addicted, we had to get used to the fact that they're not as greasy as McDonald's breakfast sandwiches at all. This morning while eating our Tims breakfast sandwich on the way to work in the car, I told DH that I'll check the nutrition information on their website this morning because it's so good, it must be high in calories. DH guessed 300 calories. I guessed 380. WRONG!!!!

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Yep! That's right. 500 calories! 20 grams of SATURATED fat! 920mg of sodium!! 1 measly gram of fiber!

But this is not the worst. Lo and behold, McDonald's Sausage, cheese n' egg Mcmuffins, the ones we thought tasted greasier etc, aren't even as bad as the Tims ones!

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But still.... Both should go on my black list.

What do you all eat for breakfast ? I'm not a big toast fan, I can only eat eggs three times in a row before the mention of one makes me want to vomit. (Unless the egg is hidden in a fatty fast food breakfast sandwich of course :P) I can eat cereal for 1-2 weeks before that too makes me sick. Fruit and yogurt etc are really good, but aren't that great for my glucose control.... What do you eat ?


Lisa said...

I hate the new Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches!! I have a mixture...cereal..eggs but I really like either english muffins or bagels with peanut butter and jam...but I know you can't have that. Pizza is always good ;)

Melissa said...

Vic and I go back and forth between oatmeal and breakfast tacos. The breakfast tacos consist of scrambled eggs, potatoes, refried beans, and cheese. Occasionally, on Friday morning, we will go out for breakfast, either something Mexican or American. On the weekends we'll get a little more fancy and have waffles or pancakes with sausage or bacon.
I love bagels with cream cheese, but, being from NY, the bagels around here just don't do it for me.
And, this morning, we had leftover pizza, LOL!

Hobby Chef said...

That information makes me feel kinda sick.

I eat Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for breakfast. Mike eats oatmeal.

Rebecca said...

I'm all about the oatmeal....or whole wheat toast with peanut butter, or a bagel and cream cheese (I don't care about the carbs, it's a freaking bagel!), I haven't had cereal since my braces went on :( But lately it's been oatmeal with an "orange julius", 4 oz. of soy milk, 4 oz. of orange juice and some soy protein powder. It's a yummy treat and gives you a good serving of protein to start the day! Eggs once in a while, but I kept buying boxes of oatmeal when it was on sale, at one point I had like 12 boxes, I'm down to 3! Pancakes and waffles are good times too, ooh, and trader joes has these good chicken sausage links, and those are so good that I don't even like pork sausage anymore....ooh, and bacon, they have this dry rubbed bacon that has like 60% less fat then regular bacon and it's SOO good!

Okay, I need to stop...

Sweet Pea said...

Either eggs and toast with bacon, cereal with yogurt and fruit, or fruit smoothies (milk, frozen fruit, a banana and yogurt) for us.

Or Tim Horton's new breakfast sandwiches. LOL