Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Name that plant!

Ok so as I blogged previously... I have this plant that I have NO idea what it actually is hehe. I am hoping that by posting pictures here, one of you would recognize it and be able to tell me what it's name is.... Anyone with green thumbs out there ? hehe

P.S. It's a tropical plant that I bought for my garden and brought in for the winter... That's as much as I know ! LOL

Yes.. it's in my bathroom, had another huge monster of a
plant to bring in and was running out of room to put them lol

And this is Mr. Loki the most spoiled dog in Fox Creek, sleeping on Steph's legs hehe.

***** UPDATE***** Thanks Miika!!! It's an Oleander Tree! What do you think ?


Hobby Chef said...

OOOOH - beautiful!! I've heard of Oleander but have never seen it. I have no idea how to take care of it, but is sure is lovely!

Lisa said...

It's beautiful Nancy! And I love it in your bathroom..very pretty :)

Amanda said...

Good job, Miika!! It's really pretty - looks so exotic!

Mindy said...

It's an oleander! If you start feeling snuffly and it lasts longer than a cold - you are allergic! They are EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas - they do REALLY well in the full sun light and heat and require very little water. And they bloom so pretty. I'm horribly allergic to them, though!