Friday, November 10, 2006


This summer they changed our garbage pick-up schedule. They also started at one point picking up the garbage at 4-5am which everyone was livid about. Some of my neighbors apparently ran outside in their PJ's when they heard the garbage truck at 5am. Others stared at the garbage men with evil eyes. Others like us stayed in bed and had a delayed reaction. I called the city to complain. It would have been nice to have been advised of the time change, AND to let them know how inconvenient the time is because there's a really great chance of having your garbage torn and spread all over your yard and driveway by animals and birds if you put them to the curb the night before. (Why hasn't anyone invented some sort of electronic scarecrow that we could put at the curb with our garbage?) Apparently the whole dang neighborhood had already complained to the city and they said that there was nothing they could do, because their contract states that they can pick up the garbage on Friday anytime after midnight.

They must have heard about the angry mob though because after that we all started putting our garbage to the curb, some using sturdy garbage cans and bungee cords, others taking a chance. They started to pick up the garbage on Fridays around 4pm ARGH!!!! Then recently they started again at 7-8am. For the past 3 weeks I've been remembering at the last minute before bed at 11h30-midnight thursday night and put all the garbage bags to the curb myself because Steph can't be bothered. (More about that later. Maybe. Unless I calm down.) Yesterday I told him that it was HIS turn to put all the carefully sorted and even washed garbage to the curb this time, but that I was willing to accept a deal. This morning we woke up late. We were running an hour behind. I'm sitting on the throne with the window open and what do I hear ? The garbage truck. $!#$$^&^ I asked Steph to go put the garbage to the curb FAST! He's like : I can't it's already 2 houses away! Well go anyway and put our garbage in our front neighbor D's pile! And he had an excuse for every solution and therefore I'm stuck with another week of stinky garbages in the basement when I have a long weekend to actually try to motivate myself to clean in the basement.

I'm so freaking mad. Why is it so freaking hard for the garbage men to always come at the same time ? Either early morning, during the day or at night ? I just want consistency! And why is it so freaking hard for Steph to put the garbage out to the curb without putting a fight ? Why do I always feel like I'm the only one spending all my free effing time caring about our house ? Why can't he be more like.. I dunno, Danny Tanner ? or Mr. Clean ?

Oh and speaking of disposal. Why is it that I can walk into the pharmacy and ask for 500 syringes (For our daily heroin habbit. :P kidding, insuline of course.) and they gladly take our money and hand us over the needles. When I ask for more than 1 needle disposal box, they start asking me questions. "Why do you want 2 at a time?" WTH. Shouldn't they ask me the questions when I'm actually buying the needles ?

ARGGGGGGGH Why is disposing of anything so freaking hard!!!!! Oh and those of you who live in the Greater Moncton area... are you also in competition with your neighbors and friends to determine who's the greatest wet/dry garbage separator ? "Do you scrub your tuna cans ? Because I scrub my tuna cans." "Oh for sure, and I also wash soiled plastic and then hang it over a clothelines to dry it out to not contaminate the recyclables." GAH! Give me a break! I'm about to start buying only veggies and fruits, no bags, and I'll make Steph eat the effing peels. There. I won't have to sort. He won't have to put the garbage out. And I bet we wouldn't have to dispose of any insuline needles either.


Scatterbrain said...

Nancy, are you feeling frustrated this morning?

Kelsie said...

You have to sort your garbage? Seriously? WTF is THAT all about?

AND I hear ya on the only one caring about the house. J got super pissy with me last night when I asked him to do the small task of putting HIS and only HIS clean clothes away. ARE you freaking kidding me? It takes all of 4 minutes if that long. Seriously, dude. At least pretend you care a little about the place you call home.

BLECH! Here's to a nice stiff drink and careless attitude! ;)

Melissa said...

I think the whole not caring about the house thing is a guy thing, for sure. Since I can't do much around the house these days, I've been noticing what a shambles it is in. I don't even want to discuss the state the bathroom was in when I finally broke down and cleaned. And promptly get yelled at by Vic for doing. you freakin' do it then!

Sorry your trash pick up is so inconsistent. That would drive me nuts too!