Thursday, November 09, 2006

Crazymrsnancy's 2006 Christmas Wishlist

Of course I've been naughty this year. What'd you think ? Here is my unofficial Christmas Wishlist anyway :)

  • I want a trip to New York. Ever since my Sex and the City addiction began, I've been dreaming about going to NYC and doing things that Carrie Bradshaw would do. :P
  • I want a good screwdriver with a full set of bits which I'll hide so I never have to search for bits ever again.
  • I want crown moulding everywhere in my house.
  • I want a trip somewhere warm, smack in the middle of February or March. When I get really really sick of winter. A place where there's entertainment and all you can eat food and all you can drink and all you can relax.
  • I want a food processor. A brushed stainless steel one. Preferably one that comes with a chef at my disposal.
  • I want a gym membership. Preferably one that comes with a gym buddy.
  • I want a one year pre-paid molly-maid contract.
  • I want a tiled kitchen backsplash
  • I want a finished basement with a big ole art studio where I can draw, paint, scrapbook, beadwork and SING.
  • I want a gazillion dollar gift certificate for
  • I want cool stuff from
  • I want to go to a Pearl Jam, Dixie Chicks, Lukas Rossi and Celine Dion concert. Preferably the Hawaiian PJ concert.
  • If I go see Celine Dion in Vegas, then I want to meet Mindy :) OH, and Molly... Wait.. do Mindy and Molly know each other ? Wouldn't it be cool if they knew each other in real life but didn't know that we know the other one from the board ?
  • While I'm at it, I want to meet all my friends on ivillage and from the blogosphere.
  • I want a baby. Preferably a human one.
  • I want a new front door. One with a really cool beautiful glass insert.

Phew, my mind is exausted from dreaming. I'll get back to this later.

P.S. This is is subject to change at any time without prior notice.


Lisa said...

Wow, that's a great freakin list!!

RoseAnn said...

How do you expect us to get you any of those things if you warn that the list is "subject to change"? LOL

Rebecca said...

Why do you want a human baby? Alien babies are SO much more fun! They can blow things up with their fingers and whatnot

Mindy said...

Come to Vegas! It's warm here in March!!!! :)