Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bloglines SUCKS moose nads

So Bloglines has betrayed me. I THOUGHT it was weird that Justine hadn't blogged since her vacation. I thought it was weird that Kelsie had stopped counting the days until Thanksgiving. Yesterday I readon Heather's blog that Bloglines had betrayed her, and I thought to myself : Naaaah, my sweet Bloglines wouldn't betray ME! We have such an intimate thing going on.... And this morning like a suspicious wife I guiltily clicked on an unupdated blog to make 100% sure that Bloglines hadn't lied to me about the lack of updates. With horror I realized that not only did it miss one or two blog updates, it missed several!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEk I COULD have had my daily dose of Justine and Kelsie yesterday and even the day before but becasue of Bloglines I had to wait until today ! I couldn't savor the words like I normaly do because there was too much to read and I couldn't WAIT to read all the words!

So does any of you use something similar to Bloglines, that actually TELLS you WHEN blogs are updated, and not when it feels like it ?


Melissa said...

I don't use bloglines...I just don't trust I see that my reasoning is justified. I just check the blogs the old fashioned way. I open them all up in tabs in Firefox and just click through.

Sorry you have been missing out! I hope you haven't been missing my blog too, I've been updating a lot lately!

Jenn said...

Nancy ~
I didn't realize it either until Heather's post. I'm wondering why bloglines is picking up hers, but no one else's. Very strange

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry, what is bloglines?

Kelsie said...

Yeah, my bloglines is on the fritz as well. It still hasn't shown that I have updated and I have had like 15 posts in the last few days. ;)

I am still blogging almost daily. And like Melissa, I have been checking the links the old fashioned way as well.

Also, check down from last weekend in my blog, did you see the blanket post just for you???

I thought it weird that I posted 3 posts full of pictures and barely got comments.