Friday, November 24, 2006

42 seconds

I thought I'd take a moment just to tell you all that I'm back from the dreaded meeting. It was actually more eventful than anticipated due to one surprising outburst of rage from one person.. yikes. Then I got a ride back with someone instead of taking the bus, and we made it back to Moncton in NO time, we were driving 170-175km/h all the way. Yikes II. I never drive that fast. It only took us about an hour from F'ton to Moncton. Anyways, I got here this morning and learned that the visitations for Len (collegue who passed away) are today. So we're renting a van and all going oup. How ironic is it that for once I'm not wearing black ? And it's also jeans Friday. So I'm off to go home and change then back to Fredericton I go. Hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving are having a great time!

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Scatterbrain said...

Gah, your going toknow that highway like the back of your hand.