Friday, October 13, 2006

Thanksgiving - Take II

Since we didn't go up to F'ton to have Thanksgiving with the in laws last weekend because we were all lacking time, we're going tonight! I'm heading home as soon as the groomers call to say that Loki is ready so that I can pick him up on the way, then I'll pack our stuff and Loki's stuff and I'll be at DH's work at 4h30 on the dot so that we can be in F'ton at 6h30 to make the 7pm restaurant reservations. We're going to the Diplomat Yum! I've been hearing about it for years but it'll actually be my first time there. It'll be nice to see them all : MIL, FIL, BIL, SIL and our niece and nephew. Then SIL and I and another friend are going to a bar to see a band play, and for drinks of course of course. We'll see if the men want to join us. If they want to stay home then they can come drive us so that we don't worry about drinking/driving.

Tomorrow we'll have thanksgiving supper, and I'm not sure if we're coming back to Moncton tomorrow night or sunday night. I'd prefer saturday night so that we have sunday to do laundry, grocery, cleaning, all the crap to get ready to plow to another darn work week. Sigh. Can I retire yet ? :P

Well guess what, I have started my Christmas shopping! ME! The epitome of procrastination! Well I was at Wal-Mart and saw the perfect gift for my niece. She loves Barbies and she loves playing with her trunk of costumes, so I got her this :

It's the "Princess Genevieve" (my niece's name is Genevieve) from the upcoming movie "The 12 dancing princesses".

In the DVD release "Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses," Barbie doll plays a special role as the seventh of twelve sisters. This beautiful Barbie doll will dance with you in three different ways! First, there's performance mode, where Barbie will dance for you, to her own music. Second, Barbie doll will teach you her dance moves, by demonstrating and using speech prompts. Third, Barbie doll can follow along with the your dance movies, using the included special bracelets and shoe accessory. Barbie doll wears a beautiful gown and comes with a removable base. Measures 12" tall.

*I* want to try it! LOL I wish I fit in the princess dress :P


Kelsie said...

OMG! How fun is that? I want one!! LOL

Sweet Pea said...

I was in freddy too...i'm starting to hate that place LOL