Monday, October 16, 2006


The Emotional Meanings of Rooms

Every room in your home serves an emotional function in your life. Wherever your hotspots are, look at difficulties you are having with the issues that correspond with the meaning of that room.

Entryway — transition.This is your Gate between the outside world and your inner sanctum. It should be clean, clear, well lit and most of all welcoming. It's where you "equalize" the emotional pressures inside as you come and go (in the same way the body equalizes itself when descending in an airplane with popping ears. Any issues you might have with comings and goings, like getting out to work on time or re-connecting with family and home life at the end of the day, might show up here. Is your foyer a gracious reentry or a chaotic one?

Woah. Are my life difficulties really showing up in my messes ? Does this mean that I can now justify my perpetually messy entryway, or does it mean that giving it a good cleaning could help get me to work on time tomorrow ? :P


Lisa said...

Weird. When I lived with Brad our entryway was a mess (with my shoes, lol) and cramped. My new entryway is open, very clean and has zero clutter. Wonder if that's a sign of my new life?

Melissa said...

I think the second part of that statement might pertain to you...your messy entry way isn't an excuse for your tardiness, it is the cause. Or so that little snippet would have you believe. But, I must say, there is something to be said for all that...I say give it a thorough cleaning and see what happens. The worst than could happen is *gasp* you'll have a clean entry way, LOL!

miika said...

I'm with Melissa, I was going to say the same thing.
A lot of times I end up late because I'm looking for something somewhere that I can't find because there's a mess, and cleaning up and getting myself organised usually cures that pretty quickly.