Friday, October 06, 2006

I feel very ying yangy

Well I've already blogged about cravings/revulsions... Update : My supper consisted of an entire row of chocolate chip cookies and a handful of cheerios snack mix. I'm still in cravings/revulsions mode PLUS wet/dry AND diahrrea/constipation.

I started my morning today elbow-deep in trash! ew. I was sorting my garbage in green/blue bags wet/dry... WHY did I continue to throw all my trash in the same bag this week even though I knew I couldn't put that bag to the curb or a big giant orange 'REJECTION' sticker would be slapped on it ? I was planning on making my brother bring the bag home where trash sorting is not yet mandatory.... but I haven't seen him. So yeah I'll have to refresh my wet/dry knowledge.. I'm about 85% sure of my sorting, but some items had me and DH arguing over their wetness or dryness. Like for example... there's something about washed tin cans being dry but unwashed being wet ? Anyways, I'll have to go read on the westmorlandalbert website to find out I guess.

Then the other not so pleasant topic... DH was constantly running to the bathroom this morning which made us very late and to make matters worst when we put the dog outside this morning he was stuck in the crouching frog pooping position ARGH! This happens like twice a year, why does it always happen when his hair is super long ? Is it related ? So anyways yeah the poop wouldn't come out until he shook his behind and splattered all over the walkway.. Something nice to look forward to when I come home as we were way too late to do something about it then... yuck. Then Steph had to wipe his bum... Plus I've been having tummy problems too GAH! Not a very pleasant morning at the V house this morning.

So tomorrow we're going to a wedding and I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. In fact, I have nothing to wear to work and I have nothing to wear during weekends. I think I MIGHT have gone a bit overboard the last time I gave clothes away.. oops. And I"m so freakin' broke lately too it's not funny. Oh yeah that's the reason I haven't set up my recycling garbages yet... I"m too broke to go buy new trashcans (well nice ones that I'll want to keep for a while anyway). So I'm too broke to buy an outfit AND a wedding gift AND wrapping AND a card AND gas to drive up to F'ton for thanksgiving. GAH! Why can't I be rich ? I'm losing sleep over it. I've thought about taking a 2nd job... part time... but then I wouldn't have any free time and I can barely motivate myself to come to work for my regular 9-5er. Blarg. Maybe I should just start selling my body :P Lots of it to go around!


Amanda said...

Digging through trash is NOT the way to start a day...YUCK. {Hugs} You have up to one year to provide a wedding gift - hold off if you have to!
Do you have a basic dress you can wear? A black one you can accessorize? Your favorite work outfit you can throw heels with? It's amazing how much dressier things look when you throw dress shoes with them.
Hang in there, hon!! It's FRIDAY!!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear that your morning got off to a rough start! I hope the rest of the day goes relatively smoothly and you can enjoy your weekend!
Good luck with the wedding stuff...I agree with Amanda's suggestions!