Friday, September 29, 2006


Thank GOD it's Friday! I.Am.So.D.A.R.N.E.D.T.i.r.e.d. Why did I write that like that ? I have no idea. So yesterday is OVER! Woohoo! I always get sooo stressed for those steering committee meetings it's not funny. The director had asked me to ride to F'ton with him so we left here at 7h30am (zzzz!) I don't even remember when was the last time before yesterday that I woke up at 5 am. Anyway he works there, in F'ton so I had to find another way back.... So I took the bus. I hadn't taken the bus in at least 10 years. Now I remember why. OMG it's so uncomfortable. As soon as the bus jerked forward to leave the F'ton bus terminal my butt almost slid off the seat and I remembered that the last time that I took the bus, in college, the same thing was happening! I thought it was my pants... I was wearing dress pants both times I remember.. but still, why would my butt slide off the seat everytime the bus braked ? It was so annoying, is my azz not compatible with the bus seats or what ? And it wasn't even just when the bus braked, every 15 minutes or so I had slid all the way to the edge of the seat I kept having to scootch back in my seat. WTH ? Let's not even talk about the inexistant leg room! Plus there were outlets for each seats and I thought great! I'll charge my cell. But the outlet didn't work. The tv's weren't on either.

On the other hand, the bus driver was Uber HOT!! And the guy sitting diagonally from me was Uber cute! (Curly hair, dark rimmed glasses, Seth Cohen-ish outfit, and a big sexy book in his hands.) And we had a free pre-departure show. My MIL had come to see me at the bus terminal and we were chatting and then we noticed a sheet of paper posted on the storage lockers that said " Mike, find your wife at the Holiday Inn, or at the bus terminal daily at 5h15pm.) I don't know if it's related to this but as our bus was leaving the terminal's parking lot, some guy ran to catch up with the bus, knocked on the door and said something to the hot bus driver. I didn't hear their conversation but I saw the hot driver shake his head in the rearview mirror. The running dude guy (Possibly Mike?) walked down the aisle and sat down next to the girl behind me, and he whispered something. I heard.... leaving... drunk... sure don't want to... cruise with me... okay then fine... take care of yourself.. And then he left. The hot bus driver parked the truck and walked down the aisle and looked at me. I looked away. He said "who was it?" I pointed to the seat behind me and asked the girl "Miss, are you okay?" She said yes. So off we went. Weird... Other than that the trip was rather uneventful. Around Salisbury I signed on MSN on my cell and talked to Tina for a whole 2 minutes before my phone rang.

I got home at 9h15.... 14 hours and 15 minutes since I had left the house. Phew tired. Instead of going to bed what did I do ? Watched Survivor and Recorded Ugly Betty and started a character in Second Life. I can't wait to go home tonight so that I can start playing. So thrilling the life of CrazyMrsNancy. Last night I dreamed of Austin Reed (Hot guy on Days of our Lives). First he was at my office working with us, and then only in the way dreams can, my office morphed into an outdoors family pic-nic and Austin was still there. I was slicing up a sausage when in real life, dh tapped my shoulder to wake me. I said "Sec... I'm slicing the sausage.". He replied "No, I already went". Yeah... we are both extremely tired today lol. So my Second Life character's name is Melody Massey. Steph is Algorath Nefarious. hehe. I'll post pictures sometime this weekend. You'll notice that my character is thin, muscular, and has great big boobees. Hey it's my virtual life I'll do what I want :P


Hobby Chef said...

I rode the bus home on weekends when I was in college. It was absoutely hideous. To quote Molly Ringwald, "I loathe the bus."

Lisa said...

I've only rode the bus Toronto and have vowed never to do it again. Scary experience. Happy weekend Nanc!!