Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hump Day Baby

I slept somewhat better last night. I had trouble falling asleep at first. Steph too. We went to bed at 11h30, and we talked in bed until 1h30am. I finally fell asleep around 2am, woke up at 4h30 and slept really well until 7h30. Late. gah! Why do I sleep so much better when there's light out ? Am I a vampire ? Oddly enough I feel a lot more tired today after sleeping an okay 5 hours then I was yesterday after my one measly hour of sleep. Am I becoming an insomniac ? I'm going to need to become more proactive about sleep. Maybe I should buy the new Paris Hilton cd to help me go to sleep.

My super duper new healthy lifestyle yesterday was not the greatest, but it was a big improvement hehe. I had shredded wheat for breakfast, rice & chicken for lunch, but I didn't have any snacks since I hadn't done my grocery shopping yet. By the time I picked up Steph from work we were starved. We went to Subway, which isn't too bad, I had the 'points' left. I'm following WW loosely at home. After Subway I had 2 points left. Then we went grocery shopping and I bought all kinds of delicious stuff. Mangoes, apples, blue plums, highbush blueberries, nectarines, huge shiny tomatoes, etc.

When I got home I had a cup of blueberries. Then I had to try the blue plum, then a nectarine. Then another blue plum and another nectarine. Shared a mango with dh. Then I had 2 friggin' tomato sandwiches. heh. I binged on fruit. Ah well it's better than junk eh ? I still lost 3lbs of bloating since yesterday morning so that tells you how bad I was eating during my vacation hehe. Today I should be more in control. I had yogurt with low fat granola in it and blueberries, I brought a nectarine for AM snack, 2 whole wheat low-fat chicken breast and broccoli sprout with fat free mayo sandwiches for lunch, and a plum for PM snack. When I get home for supper I shouldn't be starving.

I haven't watched The Gilmore Girls last night after all... there was already way too much on TV. I may watch one tonight, plus rockstar supernova on tv and try and go to bed early. Earlier than last night. I'm so tired I can't imagine having a hard time falling asleep tonight.


Melissa said...

Your menu for today made me hungry, LOL!! And all your fruit sounds delicious!! It all sounds very good to me!

Scatterbrain said...

mmm fruit...I have a bunch of fruit in my fruit drawer in my fridge...grapes, kiwis, nectarines...I should start eating it before it goes bad eh...

I'll be joining you in healthyville on Monday.

Rock on


Sno Pea said...

Yummy. You made me wanna go out and buy fruit. lol.
Hope you slept better.

Leah said...

Congrats on the new healthy menu - I'm working on getting there, myself! And btw, brocolli sprouts are like my favorite thing to add to a wrap or salad right now!