Thursday, September 07, 2006

Announcement : Craving of the Month revealed.

Those of you who know me in real life know about my cravings of the month. Typically every month or so I get hooked on a food and can't stop eating that food over and over and over until I become sick of it and can't look at it anymore. Most of the time there is a 'recovery period' and then a week or two later I am once again inflicted with another craving of the month. Some of my past cravings of the month include for example : strawberries, Kentucky Fried Chicken, coconuts (poor DH has to crack one a day LOL), clementines, DQ Blizzards, popcorn. etc. I hadn't had a craving of the month for a few months. I had even began to think that maybe I was 'cured'. Hmm. Writing this just right now made me realize something. I haven't had a craving of the month in a few months... and I haven't had a period in a few months. May 4th was my last period. (GAH! @$Q@% Stupid traitor body!) So anyway, maybe the return of the craving.... added with the HUGE zit on my throat (seriously, it looks like I have an adam's apple LOL ok maybe i'm exaggerating), my moodiness (okay maybe I just love justified beetchiness), and other symptoms mean that my period is finally going to come ? I hope so. Oh yeah, I didn't say what the stupid craving is : Toasted Tomato Sandwiches with lots of pepper. Yummification!

In other news, I think Steph is losing his mind. Before we leave for work, we make sandwiches for our packed lunches. We came home last night and when we started to prepare supper he found the ham slices ziplock in the pantry. Ack! He then proceeds to put it in the fridge where it belongs. I tell him that he should just throw it out, I'm not going to eat ham that's been sitting in a pantry all day long for like 10 hours. He said why waste it, he's going to eat it. etc. As we were arguing about the warm ham, I hand him the rest of the raw hamburger, he puts it in a ziplock and throws it in the trash! GAH! We had to laugh like idiots hehe My brother was in the computer room he came running to ask what was so funny hehe. I'll have to watch him closely now, wouldn't want him to spray his armpits with moskito repellent and brush his teeth with hair gel.

I finished Jodi Picoult's "My Sister's Keeper" last night. Wow... it was good! I'm glad that I had ordered a 2nd book from her! Hopefully it's as good. It's called 'The Pact'. BTW, How is Picoult pronounced in english ? In french I'd say it like pee-coo. Tonight I'm starting Fahrenheit 451.

I have have have to start going to bed earlier. Last night I 'went' to bed early... but didn't actually like down to sleep until 2am :-S 5 hours of sleep just isn't enough. I know that on the weekends when I sleep for 8 hours it feels like a vacation. Why can't I do it everyday ? Those of you who go to bed early, how do you do it ? To wake up at 6am and have 8 hours of sleep I'd have to go to bed at 10pm... but it would actually mean going to bed at 9pm because I can't not read before bed. Then I'd miss all the good shows that all start at 9pm ? I could PVR them... like tonight I could PVR big brother, but I can't friggin wait to see what happens! LOL Does anyone go to bed at 9-10pm ? How do you do it ?


Kelsie said...

Me! I go to bed between 9-10. DH and I have even gone to bed as early as 8:30 before. Heh. When we really get old, does that mean we will go to bed at 4pm? LOL

I have to have 8 hours sleep a night or as close to it as I can get or I am totally unbearable and cannot function.

Usually, I will go to bed and watch TV and fall asleep. Or I fall asleep on the couch. The days that I get up at 5am, I can't hold my eyes open after 10pm. Here, the news comes on at 10...most nights we go to bed and watch the news in bed.

TiVo the 9pm shows and watch the next day or over the weekend. I typically do that. Sleep is oh so more important to me than TV.

Melissa said...

I agree with Kelsie...sleep is much more important than tv...especially if you can record the shows you want and watch them when its more convenient. That's what Vic and I do. These days I am requiring 9-10 hours a night, which is an improvement from the 12 I was needing. Anyhow, we just watch 1.5, maybe, at night after dinner, go to bed and play catch up the next day or on the weekends.

Sno Pea said...

Personally, I've just started going to bed at a decent hour. I was an insomniac, but the weird kind. It used to take me hours to fall asleep...and I only used to sleep for about 3-4 hours total. So, if I went to bed at 10, I woke up around 2am and that was it for me. I worked to pass the time. How boring. So, what's the remedy? I have a nice chamomille tea (you'd be surprised at how much it relaxes) and go to bed around 12, after which I proceed to try to find a good position to sleep in, which takes me about 30 minutes LOL. Then, I fall asleep and wake up around 6:30ish. Eliminating sources of major stress (like the job I just quit) helped a LOT. This is actually the most sleep I've ever gotten (about 6 hours a night), so I'm quite excited about it, LOL!

Scatterbrain said...

After working nights for ten months and only being able to get 4-5 hours sleep during the day....I cna't wait til next week when I can go to sleep at night. On my nights off now though I usually go to bed between 10-11, but I plan to be asleep by ten when I start working days. I will tape my "can't miss shows"

Heather said...

The part about Steph? Had me laughing out loud. SO funny. I really liked how you started it with "in other news." *snort*

I think Picoult is pronounced pih-COLT. I have absolutely no idea, though, so please don't think I know what I'm talking about. I'm glad you liked the book. Did you cry? I cried twice. I haven't read The Pact yet... just read Perfect Match last weekend and Vanishing Acts the weekend before that.

I could fall asleep by 8:30 every night when school's in session. I try to be in bed no later than 10, but that's really too late. I'm just like Kelsie - I need 8 or 9 hours. Then I can actually get up at 4:30 and write and enjoy my mornings like I like to. Teaching wears me out, though, so getting to sleep is never a problem. I find it easy to sleep on days when I work out, too. Always helps to burn off the extra energy.

Interestingly, I just read in Psychology Today that while many of us watch TV to relax, TV is actually a stimulant because it engages our minds. Try Tivoing your shows for an entire night and do something truly relaxing, like exercise or a bubble bath or a massage from Steph or other things from Steph ;-) - see if that helps.

Is this the longest comment ever or what? I guess that makes up for all of the times I don't comment.