Friday, September 22, 2006

Hi, My name is Nancy and my mommy spoils me

My mom has been at my house since wednesday night, and she was helping me clean the basement some and helped me scrub my floors! I feel like an incompetent having my mom help me do those things but it's so nice to have some help. The deep freeze was thoroughly cleaned, my brother's crap packed neatly, overall organizing happened, and upstairs we moved all the furniture and vacuumed and scrubbed the floors. Did all the laundry and washed all the blankets. We watched the CSI premiere while doing the floors hehe. Since I've got the momentum going I think I'll continue in the basement after mom's gone. I really want to get the Gym in working order again. I want it all clean and clutter free, with the TV/Exercise DVD area clean too. I want to put candles around my yoga area. Will that motivate me to exercise more ?

So this weekend what I should be doing is working in the yard tonight since it's supposed to rain all weekend. For supper we're making veggie lasagna and after supper we'll finally watch Grey's !! Don't tell me what happened!! Then I'll chat with Tina and Chantal and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Saturday I should get up reasonably early, and continue cleaning the basement and scrub the shower/toilet/tub/sink. Take the air conditionners out of the windows and store them, and spot clean. Saturday night I should win the 6/49 loto jackpot lol! That would be really nice :P Sunday I should go to church, do groceries and organize my garbage set-up for the mandatory recycling that starts Oct. 1st. Of course I should exercise too this weekend. Now am I really going to do all those things ? I have these great plans but I'm predicting that what will happen is : Tonight i'll arrive home conked out, eat in front of the tv while watching grey's and chat at the same time, go to bed late and wake up saturday late and watch movies or go see a movie saturday and get up late on sunday and panic because I haven't planned my grocery list and go do groceries, prepare for the week and complain that the weekend is too short :P hehe

So I kind of cheated on my 'diet' last night.... I had 2 big plates for supper :-S It was SOoooo good! There's a magazine called "Nutrition", it's by "Oxygen" mag... I don't know if it's a one time thing or not... but the recipes in it are SOoooooo good! (And easy, my favorite part hehe) I hope hope it's not just a one time thing because I'd buy it again for sure. Last night we made the chili over rice and it was sooo good that we all took second helpings :-S Tonight we're trying the Veggie lasagna from the mag, and saturday the white beans and rosemary chicken breasts.

So I'm all alone in the office today. I really don't have anything that needs to be done. But I don't want to leave because there's no one else here... Just in case someone would walk in.. but they wouldn't since there's no one here so they wouldn't have appointments.... Ah well... Being paid to blog isn't all that bad. Maybe I'll be lucky and the mailman will be extra chatty. Maybe I'll get inspired and blog again later :)


Hobby Chef said...

Hurray for helpful moms!!! My mom is the same way. Last time she was here, I got up in the morning and she was folding my laundry!!

Scatterbrain said...

Nancy, you can send your mom over here when she's done at your place. Since we're hopefully moving soon we need to purge purge purge. yuk. I would pay someone to do it for me if I wasn't so embaressed about all the junk and garbage everywhere. LOL


Melissa said...

My mom is the same, also, whenever she comes to visit. She always lines up projects to do, which usually involve reorganizing and cleaning. I wish I could be as motivated when she's not here.
Here's to moms! I hope you had a good visit with yours!