Friday, August 04, 2006

International Weird Dream Week

So last night was my turn to have a weird dream. I dreamed that someone had told me that DH was cheating on me. For some reason the proof of this was on his website. In my dream he had his own internet company. In my dream Steph also looked like some kind of Count. (Yeah, like Count Chocula LOL , bald with a goatee.) Anyway so I went snooping on his website and found out that he was cheating on me financially, and I was soooooo relieved that it wasn't cheating with another woman. So there was the proof. He had a secret stash of money. $40 Million dollars. I confronted him about it and he told me that he couldn't touch that money because he had to "act" poor in order to receive his inheritance someday, which was more than $40M. HAH! When I told DH about my weird dream this morning he said : Mwahahahaha (Like Count Dracula on Sesame Street LOL) Then he said : Yeah right, if I had $40M I'd be retired! At 27 ? Yes, at 27.

Then the alarm clock went off. DH asked : Ugh, are we getting up ? I said jokingly : I'll think about it. Then I dreamed that me, my brother and my mom visited one of my mom's aquaintances where I grew up in Paquetville. There were piles of shoes in her staircase, and I kept kicking shoes by accident and breaking stuff in her house. Murielle (the friend) left her house. Her husband was sitting at their kitchen table reading the paper and drinking coffee (at night.) Their kids were outside playing. (In real life Murielle has been divorced for a very long time and her kids are older than me.) So Mom, my brother and I went into their spare/storage room. There was a fridge in there, and mom and me began to raid their fridge LOL It was delicious!!!! We ate frozen pizza that apparently came out of the freezer hot and cooked, we ate these really long thin sugar cones filled with ice cream, I was picking cheese off the pizza when suddenly I wake up, look at the alarm clock and scream : SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! It was an hour later!!!! DH sprung out of bed and ran to the bathroom in his underwear and he looked like a terrified zombie. I had to laugh hehehe.

The food in my dream was soooo good. I woke up feeling as if I had really tasted it. I really often have dreams that I'm cheating on my diet when I'm dieting. Does that happen to you ? Then I wake up feeling soo glad that it was just a dream and that I haven't really cheated on my diet! hehe. It felt soooo real. I really felt like I had just eaten pizza and ice cream. When it was my turn to have the bathroom I got on the scale and gained 2 lbs since yesterday! EEK! Should I count the points for the foods I eat in my dreams ? LOL I'm not worried about it, I still have an atomic bomb in my stomach today only it's lodged in there. It'll come off. (the weight I mean)


Scatterbrain said...

HAHAHAHA. I laughed out loud Hysterically at the "DH sprung out of bed and ran to the bathroom in his underwear and he looked like a terrified zombie." part.

What did you decide about the reunion?

crazymrsnancy said...

Yes! We're evil and said we werent going! YAY for evilness!!!

Scatterbrain said...

YAY!! I'm so glad your not going cause now you'll be home to talk to me. I'm not selfish or anything

Melissa said...

That is a weird dream for sure! LOL, about Steph being Count Chocula...Hahahah!!