Tuesday, August 15, 2006

43 things

I saw this on a friends blog and decided to post my list of 43 things that I'd like to do. Although I'm at work and this list is not absolute by any means, it's just 43 things that I could think off the top of my head :)

My 43 Things: (In no particular order. The "x people" is the number of people who share this goal)

lose weight (12847 people)
visit every continent (560 people)
be a mother (233 people)
be rich (1208 people)
go back to school (934 people)
Sing (768 people)
make a difference (2619 people)
Pursue my photography interest (4 people)
learn languages (37 people)
grow a garden (279 people)
Learn to knit (1489 people)
see my friends more (60 people)
visit the 7 wonders (1 person)
go geocaching more (1 person)
go to church more often (175 people)
become a better cook (187 people)
backpack through Europe (1850 people)
Learn to rock climb (149 people)
get a masters degree (1075 people)
watch every episode of Gilmore Girls (811 people)
read the Bible daily (227 people)
visit new york city (342 people)
Learn to play the drums (856 people)
Work in the music industry (26 people)
learn to like vegetables (15 people)
To live instead of exist (3307 people)
Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks (87 people)
paint more (412 people)
get laser hair removal (170 people)
thru-hike the Appalachian Trail (58 people)
own acres of land (2 people)
be healthy (633 people)
learn to dance (2205 people)
run a marathon (3363 people)
be like martha stewart (3 people)
get involved in my community (5 people)
be happy (7748 people)
go hiking more often (44 people)
Volunteer (1688 people)
learn to play golf (170 people)
say i love you to my dad (2 people)
learn how to drive stick-shift (2055 people)
learn to raise one eyebrow (93 people)


Kelsie said...

I want to play. I am stealing this from you.

Scatterbrain said...

someone was a busy little blogger today....
I can't think of 3 things right now, nvm 43....

Sno Pea said...

Love it. I'm doing it too.

Katie said...

oooh- if you hike the AT, you can come visit- it goes by about 20 mins from my house!

Scatterbrain said...

ok me too.