Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nancy : The Vector Image

So I saw this link on Lori Anne's blog, and created the cartoon version of me (and Loki) :

So yeah, this is me if I was thin, with my hair a bit longer, and ridiculously tiny feet. Of course I always walk around holding a big stack of books. It's great for carpal tunnel. But you get the idea : I always wear ponytails and sneakers, I prefer black tops and jeans. I have a messy little shih tzu and I love reading and photography. I actually looks a lot like me if you squint and adjust your monitor so that the image is stretched horizontally.


Courtney said...

Okay Nancy, I found this totally cool and I created 'me' too. But how do I put the picture in my blog? I'm confused!

crazymrsnancy said...

Hey Court! I just took a screenshot by pressing the 'Print Scrn' button on my keyboard, then opened my "Paint" program (comes standard with windows), and did 'paste'.

(If you're not familiar with paint, then what you do is select the square dotted line tool, and draw a square around what you want to keep, and do edit/cut, then file/new, answer 'no, dont save', then 'paste' in the new file. Drag the white part to make sure no white backdround is visible and voila, save as .jpg file on your computer and you can then blog the picture :) Hope this made sense!!)