Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I carried a watermelon...

Remember that classic line from "Dirty Dancing" ? Well I felt about as awkward this morning when I came into work as Baby felt when she declared "I carried a watermelon" to super cool Johnny Castle. I hadn't even sat down or turned my computer on yet when two of my coworkers both flocked over to interrogate me about rumors about my FIL's jump from prov. to fed. govt. I had been asked to keep this secret weeks ago, but I had never been told when it would become official. So I tried to deny the rumours until they went to fetch the papers and there was his face on the frontpage of all three publications. DOH! On L'Acadie Nouvelle, he's right on top of the "Black Eyed Peas are coming to PEI" picture LOL funny.

One more thing about work then I'm changing topics, because the reason I'm blogging at this partricular moment is to avoid work. I filled my candy jar with these little piece of heaven chocolates from Costco called "Swiss Delice". OMG they're so good and addictive. Everyone keeps coming back for more. Even the mailman stops by on his way back just so that he can grab another fistful. See my plan is to fatten them all up too, so then they'll walk slower. (You have to be a long time reader to know about my coworkers' power walking lunches.) No wait, scratch that.... They're always hot when I'm freezing cold and I'm the padded one. I can't complain too much in this heat wave that it's 62 degrees in here, but in the winter it makes me miserable. On days like today I just go outside to warm up.

That reminds me of another 'I carried a watermelon' awkward moment. EVERYONE that comes in the front door makes a point of declaring how nice and cold it is in here. What am I supposed to say ? Especially when this is declared by a number of people, numerous times a day. So I just keep saying " Yes, yes it is". Today some man waiting for one of my coworkers thought that reply was hilarious and laughed joyously for a few minutes while I sat there not knowing what to say.

So where are you all ? I know you're there I see you popping in my stats counter :P But when nothing I blog gets commented on I wonder if my topics are boring you all!?

Yeah I was totally going to write more but I'm so frozen right now that I swear the tip of my nose is numb. I'm going outside to thaw. I'll probably blog some more later, I have a whack of funny links at home to share. Or maybe after I'm all thawed out my brain will unfreeze it's thoughts also.


Kelsie said...

Sorry. Bad blog friend, here. I read but haven't much felt like commmenting on any blogs lately.

I get the frozen part. I have a sweater and a fleece blanket and I still stay cold in here. Totally stinks. It is funny to walk by our area b/c we all have the logo fleece blankets wrapped around us.

miika said...

They do this freezing thing in Singapore all the time. Ok, it's the tropics, fine, get an airconditioner. It is extremely hot and humid outside. But who said you have to turn the temperature down to something that doesn't even occur naturally in that corner of the earth?!? Even the ice rink was almost warmer... and yes, they do play ice hockey in Singapore. Some canadians started a league... ;-)