Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chores, Chores Chores!

After reading this article on About.com today, I decided to tackle this issue. We let the cleaning lady go in April when we were 6 persons living in our house, it didn't stay clean long enough to throw money like that out the window.

Here's what I emailed Steph :

  • Sit down together and make a list of the chores that each of you absolutely hates to do. What one hates, the other may be able to tolerate. If both of you detest the same chore, then figure out a way to compromise in getting this particular unpleasant task done. Or perhaps you could tackle the horrid chore together, as a team. You could also find some money in your budget to hire someone to do that task.

(I just read that on about.com)

So please find my list attached, and answer truthfully. (Don’t put all H’s, unless you want to hire another maid ;)) This will take you all of 10 seconds to fill so don’t say you’re too busy :P

I think this is a pretty good way to keep the house in order, with possibly getting out of having to do the chores you absolutely dread doing. Plus it should eliminate the need to nag. If a chore remains undone after a week I can point at the list and say "But you SAID..." :P

I'm pretty pleased with the results :

H = Hate
O = Okayish
R = Really don't mind doing


* Maintain living areas clean and clutter free [N = R ] [S = O] = BOTH
* Clean kitchen [N = R ] [S = R] = NANCY
* Garden Maintenance [N = O ] [S = H+] = NANCY


* Clean Bathroom [N = H+ ] [S = R] = STEPHANE
* Clean floors (vaccum & scrubbed) [N = H ] [S = O] = STEPHANE
* Dusting [N = R ] [S = R] = NANCY
* Garbage [N = O ] [S = O] = STEPHANE


* Clean "storage" areas [N = O ] [S = H] = NANCY
* Clean car [N = O ] [S = H] = NANCY

(+ = With a passion)


****BOTH/TEAM = 3
- Daily : maintain areas clean/clutter free & nondishwasher items
- Weekly : Laundry

****NANCY = 5 (+team)
- Daily : Scrub dishes, load/unload dishwasher, Clean Kitchen, Maintain Garden
- Weekly : Dusting

****STEPHANE = 3 + 90% COOKING (+team)
- Daily : Cooking 90% of time
- Weekly : Clean bathroom, vaccum & scrub floors, Garbage Day

And yes... I love lists. I make lists about the lists I'm going to make :)


Melissa said...

That is a really good idea. I wonder if I can get my DH to go for that, eventhough I am home all the time and *supposed* to be doing all the chores, LOL!

Heather said...

I like this plan! Let me know how it works out!

Kelsie said...

Love your plan. Not sure it would work out for me though. I have tried to implement a chore day where we spend 1-2 hours together once a week doing chores.

I also love lists and make lists of lists. LOL

miika said...

I love that idea. Let us know how it works out!

I'll keep that in mind for when I get a job, right now I'm home doing all the chores :-)