Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Hips Don't Lie

No siree! They sure don't lie. I can't eat anything remotely tasty without my hips expanding. heh. You know it's that Shakira song right ? I LOVE that song. When it comes on the radio while I'm driving I turn up the volume and I must look insane as I sing louder than I should out in public and shimmy my shoulders in the car. I love the beat. It reminds me so much of Africa. Yes.. I'm talking about Africa again. You might want to skip this entry if you're sick of hearing me go on about Africa hehe.

The other night I was talking to my friend Tara on MSN and she's leaving for Africa (Gambia) in 15 days. She's going to be teaching IT for 2 months. I showed her pictures of when I was in Cameroon. She asked me if I had any advice, what to pack etc. YAY! Someone who actually wants to hear me talk about Africa! I told her that I was glad I had brought my own tampons, but that I suggested that she doesn't do what I did and bring 4 months worth of soap, shampoo, body lotion etc. DO bring a bug net for your bed. I was glad I brought a pillow. You can't bring too much immodium. etc etc. I told her that she would be fine. More than fine. That it was the experience of a lifetime. My biggest piece of advice was : Enjoy keeping in touch with your friends and family back home with your laptop. Send them pictures and tales etc. But disconnect from America so that you can enjoy Africa. Also, it's very normal to feel like you're a complete idiot for signing up for this in the first 2 weeks but after that you won't want to come back hehe. When you come back, fruit will never taste as good as they tasted in Africa. I talked her ears off until it way past my bedtime.

I'm feeling so nostalgic. I would give up almost anything for the opportunity to go back. I wouldn't give up my husband of course, who's the biggest reason why I can't go back to Africa. Not on a volunteer basis where I'd have to go for a few months anyway. I couldn't leave him here with our bills and responsibilities. I wouldn't give up my house, I've worked too hard to have what I have now and go back to "Go" without collecting 200$. And I wouldn't give up my dog. That's it I think. If I don't think too hard. I would give up my car, my computers, my new living room, my shed, and especially my brother. LOL kidding about the brother part.

I pray that one day I will be able to afford going on my own, bring Stephane and show him Africa. Although he wouldn't see what the big deal is. He wouldn't care to walk the streets, talk to the people, eat the local food, dance to african beats or even sit on a street bar hut and drink a local beer.

Hmm how weird. Annick just msg'd me on MSN hehe. She's one of the other 3 in our group of 4 for this project. I asked her : Isn't it your birthday soon ? She says : Today! The other 2 were Francis and Remi. Sigh. My eyes sting when I think about them too much. I miss them. Remi is in Bathurst and Francis in Saint John. It's not that it's that far. Life just gets in the way I guess.... And Annick lives in Dieppe not too far from me. We don't see each other enough.

I miss monsoon. I miss our Quebequer hosts Mr. Luc, his wife Lise, their son Simon and his Cameroonese wife Michelle. I miss Amidou and his brochettes on the grill and his beer. I miss Sabine and Odylle. Mr. Manga and Gilber. Tetsing. I even miss Napolinaire and his very peculiar scent.

I'm not stuck in the past. I wouldn't turn back the hands of time to go back.... well okay maybe I would if it wouldn't change the outcome of my life. Exept the bit where my ex fiance cheated on me while I was in Africa and all that jazz. I'm not dwelling on the past. I truly see those 4 months in Cameroon as a life enriching experience. A story I can bore my grandchildren with someday hopefully. I just really wish I can someday experience it again.

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Hobby Chef said...

It sounds totally amazing ... I hope you are able to go back!! Isn't it amazing how some experiences really stick with you?? And thanks for sharing the pictures!!