Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Here are the pictures

I don't remember if I had posted pictures of the wall colours since I got a working camera, so here's the new chocolate milk walls hehe. The colour's name is actually "Walking Trail".
Here's the picture that used to be in the living room.
Our new NON-PLASTIC shed!!
Our new living room... Do you see what I mean ? Doesn't it look like something is missing ? Like it's too "plain" ? Lacking "charm"?
I LOVE this chair to lift my feet up and read!
Our new couch. I love it because I don't sink in it. That's what I need with my back. But I'm still getting used to it because I don't normally like too modern looking furniture... but I guess I'd rather sit in a comfortable couch and actually use our living room than having a nice little victorian style couch that I can't sit in.
View from the dining area.
So, what do you think ? Do you know what I mean when I say that it's missing something ? I've been changing the furniture around all weekend. I think I'm finally settled now. The long chaise is really supposed to be attached to the (sectionnal) couch, but then the couch is too long for where it is, to put the end table.... I'm not sure if I'm going to leave the coffee table there or not. It's practical, but does it make sense since the couch sections recline ?


Hobby Chef said...

I LOVE the chocolate milk walls and that chair DOES look like the perfect place to relax and put your feet up. You're going to wish you hadn't posted those pictures when you come home some day to find me curled up in that chair reading! :-) It looks great - enjoy your new furniture!!

Anygma said...

verry nice, i guess i should visit sometime soon :p if there's anything to add to that je ne sais quoi, i'd say some kind of window dressing and accent cushions for the white coutch that would match the nice comphy red chair. and if you put anything on the tv wall, it would risk distracting from the show so i would keep it suddle, like black and white pictures might work. if you're not into cushions, afgans might work too and they are nice to cuddle up if you feel like a snooze. i think it take some time to break into a new decore, it will evolve as you get to live in it. maybe you'll find that the only thing that's missing is a great book and you reading it ;) enjoy it!
Chantal :)

Lisa said...

Nancy, I love your new furniture!! I especially love the burgandy you have me thinking about getting one myself, lol. I couldn't even show Brad the pics because he's been on me for a new tv :)

Jenn said...

Ooo, It's looking very good. I second what anygma said about cushions. I'd get a couple the same color as your red chair to puton the couch, as well as a few other little red accents to scatter about the room (vases, ornaments, wall decor, etc. That will tie everything together. Also, I agree with the window treatment comment. It doesn't have to be a big extravagant $4000 one from Brines, just something nice and simple. A sheer swag across the top and hanging down on either side would look good. Also, another suggestion. Plants. You'd be surprised about how much life one or 2 plants can add to a room. I'd put a nice medium sized tree in, and maybe a haning plant or a couple of small plants or floral arrangements about. And if you're like me and suck at keeping houseplants alive, artificial ones are looking more realistic all the time. Homesense has some great ones. :)

And, that was a freebie. ;) hehehhee

miika said...

Yup, I agree with the above. Love the colours, but I think a window treatment and some colourful accents would work wonders. Also the plants, get something a little tall to put in corner(s). And I'm wondering if you might not be able to use the chaise longue in another room, and put a bookshelf in its place along that wall. On the last picture the room almost seems a bit crowded with big couches, and a shelf could also hold some decorative things like coloured glass vases/bottles, or maybe you have some ornamental pieces from africa you might want to show off?

But yeah, definitely think about window treatment (sheer swag and maybe colour accents), and some accents in colour as well in the way of pillows, afghans, pictures, flowers or ornamental pieces. Not much, just a touch here and there :-)