Thursday, June 15, 2006

Here's what I think :

Meetings are the biggest waste of time ever. Of course there are exeptions. But I know for a fact that all the meetings I have to attend next week are a huge friggin waste of time. I just learned that Monday we all have to go to an all-staff meeting in Fredericton. Which is to take place at 3h30pm. WTF! Why can't they think of everyone who has to travel from the regional offices ? Like ME! So as we're all fighting among ourselves because half of the regional staff want to stay in Fredericton for the night, and the rest of us don't, our boss declares that he might as well just try to schedule a branch meeting on tuesday since we'll all be there. friggin great. "Make reservations everybody, I'll get back to you on friday afternoon to let you know if you'll need them or not."

Then wednesday and thursday are my uber dreaded meetings in Shippagan. We came *this* friggin close to cancelling them today. You bet your arse I was praying for that to happen. Of course everything is going forward as planned. *staples eyes shut*

So yeah, it looks like I'll be on the road from monday until thursday night, while my family is in my home *helping* me to do my landscaping. hah!

Okay they have the A/C cranked up so high here that I swear I can see my breath. I'm going outside to blow off some steam, smoke 2 cigarettes at a time and warm up in the rain.

Note to self : Bring and hide a bottle of scotch in desk tomorrow. Or maybe pour scotch in a bottle of Maple syrup, 'hide' it in plain view, and pretend to sweeten coffee with it.

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