Thursday, June 15, 2006

The boy on the scooter

Yesterday as I was driving to pick up Steph, I looked unconsciously in my rearview mirror and I saw the cutest guy ever on a bright orange scooter. Aren't scooters just a hoot ? They are so cute yet they're so dorky. This boy was probably in his early 20's, wore dark-rimmed glasses that gave him an intellectual air, and very pincheable red cheeks. I'm daydreaming about cheek pinches when all of a sudden my dream bubble bursts when this blurb I recently read pops back into my head. I can't not think about it now anytime I see a scooter. Which makes scooters even sillier. It's from some online project where a group of people posted a one question survey on craigslist. The question went something like "Would you ever date a fat girl ? If she was perfect in every other way, exept she was fat ?"

There were your typical "Fat girls are gross and they smell" answers. Some were pretty funny like "I dated this fat girl once, and dude you should have seen her coffee maker. It was so nasty. I've never had a problem with dirty coffee makers with the thin girls I've dated". But the most hilarious answer was "Fat girls are like scooters. They're pretty cool until one of your friends sees you on one". LOL! I should probably be offended as I'm a fat girl. I'm a scooter? But I just find that pretty hilarious hehe.

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