Thursday, May 18, 2006

Waiting impatiently for Victoria!!

Day that is... Long weekend I'm so ready for you! I have no plans exept clean clean clean and more cleaning. Sorry to leave you in limbo about the original blog topic, but I posted it on the HM board. It was about the renovations. Since this is my blog and I'll be lazy if I want to, I'm just going to pastify it : (pastification contains more than the reno part, but here goes)

Well here's an update on me (aka the story of Motel Vienneau)

I haven't posted much at all lately, and I haven't blogged much either. But I'm often lurking. Life has been crazy crazy crazy, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now hehe. I'm so looking forward to hearing from all of you I hope you all respond :)

First I've been away quite a bit since January, I've had to travel for meetings and also I've been away to three trainings/workshops/seminars. I normally space out my two annual required learning sessions more throughout the year, but this year I decided to get it over with sooner than later, avoid having to drive in the snow later (I know, I dont' want to think about snow now, it just melted! hehe) and last but not least, I've finally decided and applied for 3 positions (2 for other gov. departments, and 1 for the University). I'm not getting my hopes too high because I applied in the administration support field still, keeping in line with what I do now, but I don't have any diplomas or certifications to do so. But I do have 4 years of experience in the field under my belt now, and one really good recommendation in my favour for the dept. of Justice dept. job. I'm glad I finally decided to shoot higher, but at the same time I'm feeling torn. As annoying as they can be, I am fond of my coworkers, and I became accustomed to the slow-pace here (hello ivillage hehe), and most of all I love the flexibility. I love being able to just come and go as I please mostly. Especially during summer! But at the same time all those things I like also come with disadvantages. If I am chosen and decide to leave for another position, I feel like I'll need to have a lot more self-discipline. But the higher salary might make up for that. Anyways, that's it on the job front for me.

On dh's job front, well I don't know if I posted back in December when he was promoted to Team Leader at work. Anyways, he's a lot happier it seems at work now. (And consequently, at home.) There at 4-5 team leaders there, and they recently started working together to improve work conditions and employee morale. It's working nicely so far. In fact today at lunch they're having a free BBQ with prizes and stuff. woah hehe. Dh has been told that there would be a surprise of some sorts for him. I can't wait to hear what it is. DH thinks it's going to be something silly like they all know he loves cheese and Kraft Dinner so it might be something along those lines hehe We'll see. Last but not least, DH finally worked up the courage to have a real man to man talk with his boss who was up from New York 2 weeks ago. He discussed his future with the company and yada yada yada, the conversation ended with Mr. Boss stating that May 23rd (dh's 4 year anniversary with the company) Dh is to receive a higher than average raise! WOOHOO! finally! (It's been 2 years since his last raise, all his previous raises were 10% so we're anxiously waiting to see the fruits of his hard work). We might very well stay up until midnight next thursday to hawk our account online to see the amount of the automatic pay deposit LOL

About the home : Here's the most exiting part of my update! (for me anyways!) We just signed the papers yesterday to get a loan (we refinanced our mortgage with an amazing interest rate, keeping the same amortization period that was left, paying off another loan we had that had higher interrest, so basically it's going to fit in very very well in our budget, I love our banker, he's great.) to do some renovations!!! I know our house is only 2 years old, but when we bought we bought what we could afford. Now we can finally : Buy an insulated, electricity wired 12x16 shed, pave the driveway, do the landscaping and finish the basement! yay! *snoopy dance*. It's going to be so nice to live in 100% of the house instead of 50%. We're going to hire an electrician and a plumber of course, but we're going to try to do a lot of the rest ourselves. A nice project. Mom asked us what we're doing next month for our wedding anniversary.. we're going to renovate! hehe

Finally, the Motel Vienneau story. Or saga. Almost 2 months ago, we agreed to let my (22 year old) brother, his (34 year old) girlfriend, and her two kids (9 and 12) to help them get back on their feet financially. O-M-G. What a frigging mess. They can't move out fast enough. The original deal was to let them stay for 4 months, but at the end of this month it will be 2 and I want them out yesterday. They have no respect for our house or us. The first thing they did was buy a frigging DOG. 4 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats. ONE bathroom. *loud sigh*. It's insane. The plan for them to save up money didn't work either. Even though they were living at our house, they were expected to pay a minimal amount of rent, and buy their own food. I had to loan them money and they paid about half a month of rent. God it feels great ranting about it here, because I don't dare vent about it on my blog in case they are reading it. I have never met such slobs. My house is comletely utterly disgusting and I don't even know where to begin when they leave. They are totally irresponsible. Last week my brother's car insurance got cancelled for mis-payment, his car payments were also 4 paymetns behind, so my parents as co-signers of his car confiscated the car from him. Because he didn't cancel his insurance but it got cancelled on him, if he wants to have insurance again he has to pay double the already high amount he was paying. (He'll have to pay like 3500$ a year now) She was insured with him, so now they're driving her jeep with no insurance, no plates, no registration. (Because they spent all their money on a car subwoofer and new speakers and other crap instead of paying for those things, and rent, their past due previous utilities etc.) UGH. this is just the tip of the iceberg. I tell you, I think I aged 15 years in the past 2 months. The poor kids are little pains in the butt, but it's not their fault poor them, they've been through a lot with their mom leaving their dad for a guy 12 years younger than her (and only 10 years older than the son), they moved twice and now their mom (my brother's gf) is in the hospital currently with an ear infection. (whole nother ridiculous story). Annnyways, I could write a book about it it's completely ridiculous. Hopefully at the end of the month, Motel Vienneau will be closed for business. (or charity). The bedrooms we will be building in the basement will be converted into a gym, a "theatre" (projector) room, and other non-imposing-family friendly rooms until we sell teh house. So there. Call me mean :P

Hope everyone is doing well, can't wait to hear from you!

I'm leaving the last bit there, because I want life updates from you too, blog readers :) Comments give me blogging fuel!

About the fear of blogging about the Motel Vienneau situation on here, well... what the hell. Let's just hope they won't read. Besides, it's not like they don't know that I want my house back and why.

Are you feeling gypped because all you got was a pastification ? A re-told story ? Old news ? Exclusive for you blog readers : An update on the update :

I have talked to my brother today and told him that he has 2 weeks to move out. Until the 31st. That's it that's all. The "surprise" for DH at the company BBQ was that he was featured in a trivia question part of a question hunt type of thing. There was an ipod nano for the winner. They were instructed to NOT search for the answers during work hours. The questionnaire was sent after the 10h30 break and some girl sent the completed quiz in at 11h45. Therefore she cheated and answered it during company time. She won, but because she cheated they switched the prizes and instead she won a usb memory stick. hah! The question Steph was featured in was " Which programmer has a red sports car model on his desk ?" Now if you know Steph you'd know that a sports car model on his desk sounds so very out of place. He just looted it from an ex employee's desk. There was a company party later that night at the Cosmo, free drinks and all. Some customer service girl got so smashed that she asked the New York president home. (She has a bf, he' s married) and Pat danced on the dance floor with his balls hanging out of his zipper. (yes, literally.) We weren't there to witness it because we're too old to come home smashed at 2am to get up at 6am for work. We're still waiting to hear on the raise amount. Tuesday. yay!

I'm driving myself nuts with my long paragraphs.

Chantal will be irked about my long rambling blog entry again :P

Are you exited for the 70's show series finale and the OC season finale ? I am! I'm all ready with strawberries, choco chip cookies, and ice cream :D


Courtney said...

Yay for you on telling your bro to move out! I'm proud of you for taking a stand. I have to say, I was rather disappointed in the 'That 70's Show' series finale. It was pretty much a let down. I don't watch the OC so I can't comment on that.

Kelsie said...

Tivo'ed OC. Haven't watched it.

My update...I am tired. See blog later for full details.

Good luck with everything. I haven't been posting or commenting much lately but I am still reading. Same goes for all the blogs.

Scatterbrain said...

Hey, I am also proud of you for telling them to get out!! the offer still stands if you need help on the 31st getting their stuff out if they don't get it out themselves!!!

I was disaointed in the OC's finale...It left me the whole show was normal..then in the last 2 minutes, she dies..then that's it... Oh well we'll see what next season brings...