Sunday, April 02, 2006

I (heart) Spring!


Twenty-seven years old. Almost an April fool. My best friend-slash-husband. I'm still 26 for four whole months. NEENER! :P I love that for four months every year, he turns a year older before me. He can sort of test the waters... tell me how it's going to be like to be 27. If you don't even remember what your husband's skin tone is without the glowing of World of Warcraft in his face, DO NOT buy him a 1Gig stick of ram for his birthday. *slaps forehead* Next year, I'm goign with Bowling Shoes. It's not because that we have never bowled in the 5 years since we began dating, that he doesn't secretly love bowling. I'll keep you updated, remind me in a year.

So normally when I don't blog most days, it's because I feel like I have no worthy news to report. You know, news that matters. Like what type of outdoor storage should I spend too much money on, or how my knit sweater makes me feel like a peep. Chinese buffet horror stories. But this time I haven't updated in 2 days because I've been having too much fun to blog! I haven't gone away with dh, bungee jumped or won the lottery, but my dear husband has finally come out of hibernation! We've actually gone out this weekend and I was not bored one second! (I have been complaining about boredom recently.) The only thing fun about friday night was the ending of "Memoirs of a Geisha". Tina was still here, but I was so tired and sleepy that I think I bored her to sleep. Saturday Steph's parents arrived around 2pm, with the treadmill! YAY ! We have to go buy some Lube though before we use it.

We went to celebrate his birthday at Montana's where Steph had to endure embarrassingly the customary 4-feet-span moose antlers birthday helmet. When we got home after a short while we were alone in our house again, and we enjoyed a birthday herbal refreshment. HAH! I haven't done that in soooooo long, well it's only been a few months, but it feels like an eternity. We went to bed at 4am and got up at 7am to go cheer for our niece Genevieve at her provincial gymnastics competition. She is the most adorable 5 year old gymnast I've ever seen. She's so much tinier than all the other gymnasts! But she's the youngest one too. I had to nudge Steph a few times because his eyelids were droopy and soon I'd notice he was nodding off. Then sometime during the beam competition, I felt my mother in law nudge me and consequently I nudged steph too. It was like a nudge chain reaction. After the competition we went to Chapters and Steph got a Warcraft book, and I got "The Time Traveler's wife by Audrey Niffenegger", fineally! I've heard so many things about it, and Justine said it was amazing. I also finally got "The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown". I have to read what the hype was all about, plus It'll make the movie more interresting.

Then we went to eat at McGinnis Landing for brunch. As usual I stuffed myself ridiculously. WHY do I HAVE to have 2 eggs benedicts ? One would be enough... and waffle with whipped cream and fruit, bacon... a sausage.... a cube of hardened cheese... tomato quarters stealthily picked from the big bowl of greek salad. We came homes and dragged our stuffed bellies into bed for a 2 hour nap. I think I can feel my buttocks expanding.

Grey's Anatomy rocked!!!! It was sooooo good wasn't it ? I laughed out loud at least three times and cried twice. The last few weeks' episodes have been not that great... it's like the the good stuff was building up. I LOVE GREY'S! I'm watching the Juno Awards. A few realizations : Holy Crap Bryan Adams looks old. I had my first real slow dance to "Everything I do, I do it for you". hah! 2 - Bedouin Soundclash's song "When the night feels my song" has been ruined for me. I used to picture myself on a beach sipping a daiquiri while listening to that song. Now I'll forever picture those three nerds with their dinky drum kit and their lack fo synchronization. Although in the Lack of Synchronization category, the winner is : Massari. OMG what a funny looking little idiot. 3 - Kalan Porter totally looks like a female. Totally.

I'll probably blog more later... taking an ice cream break.

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