Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's officially spring!

I was sitting at my desk avoiding work, drinking my coffee when I noticed a snowblower for sale outside! It MUST mean that spring is officially here to stay! It's supposed to be 13 degrees celcius this afternoon!!!! (That's 55.4 degrees fahrenheit) I cannot WAIT for my income tax money to come in so that I can go buy spring/summer clothing. I have NOTHING to wear. In the fall I must have given away most of my spring/summer clothes, because I only have big warm wool tops, warm jackets, and a tiny selection of spring-ish clothes that make me feel like an easter egg. I have this pale lavender top that looks cute on a hanger, but when I put it on I feel like a giant Peep.

This morning as we were driving to work, as soon as we turned off our street dh announced "You realize today is wednesday and the cleaning lady is coming" *GASP* ! YOU WAITED on purpose until we were far enough from the house to tell me didn't you ? Because you KNEW I would clean a little bit before she came! He just looked at me with an innocent face. BUT my friggin underwear is on the bathroom floor! Not just one but TWO pairs!!!! ARGH! What else will she find ?

Well, I wanted to blog some more but it's absolutely gorgeous outside and my brother came to see me at work and we just spent like 2 hours outside just talking so I guess I'd better do some real work now hehe. I'll blog back later if I'm motivated enough to clear off my desk a little.

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Scatterbrain said...

a giant peep...ahahhaha...your so funny