Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Apparently Blog Worthy...

CrazyMrsNancy says:
I just emailed steph : This day is taking SO long, it's impossible. It's time defying. Ugh. Argh. I want pizza or fried chicken or fried chicken pizza covered in chocolate with coffee bean stuffed crust. Dammit. Can we ? stay fat ? till early death do us part ?
Shane.... says:
Shane.... says:
Now THAT'S Blog ready!!

There you go :P

BTW : Shane is Tina's (The Scatterbrained one) husband. The one who is bringing home a surprise to his wife tonight apparently. What surprise do I get ? A not so surprinsingly bland half whole wheat pita stuffed with ground round (veggie smeat) and hummus.


Hobby Chef said...

You totally crack me up!

Shane said...

Nancy, you must be going through a dry spell if you have to use my useless knowledge on your blog... : )