Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Random little bits of happiness.

Yesterday was a great day. A walk-around-grinning type of day. It all started with the beautiful spring sunshine and the blue sky. (I think I have a blue sky fetish...) I went into work with NO FREAKIN BOOTS! *snoopy dance* AND my spring coat! (LOL I just typed my spring goat.) First, we got an all-staff email informing us that one of the new deputy's wellness strategies is a "BNB (that's my department, Business New Brunswick) Biggest Loser Challenge"! I'm a HUGE fan of that show! They're going to send scales to the regional offices (me!) who want to participate! WOOHOO! Every week the Biggest Loser will be recognized. There will be other activities to help with the weight loss challenge, for example : Lunch & Learn with a registered dietician, individual sessions with the dietician, blood pressure clinics, cholesterol & sugar check clinics, canada's food guide hand outs, healthy living tips by email etc etc.

Most of that stuff will be held at head office in Fredericton, but I'll drop in if I'm in town. The motivation and the incentive is what I'm exited about though. I already get checked for my cholesterol & bp every 3 months and my sugars daily actually. Not to be pretentious, but I'm almost positive that my nutrition knowledge equals or exceeds the dietician's. Seriously... I knew more than the last dietician I saw in January. I've been seeing dieticians since the age of 9, but my nutrition knowledge accumulation seriously became more like an obsession in 1995 when I logged on the internet for the first time. If only I could apply it to my life and stick to it hehe.

I'm happy to shout on the rooftops that both my bum cheeks are comfortably in the wagon at the moment. I lost much of the bloating I gained during my 2 week junk ride pretty fast. I'm back to -20lbs! woohoo!!! Only 4lbs more to go to be back at where I was. Have you ever restricted your food intake, or carefully planned and watched what you ate and dreamed at night that you were eating junk food and woke up feeling so relieved that you didn't actually screw up? hehe. I dreamed last night that Stacey (ticklemecute) had handed me a snack and said that it was the best shit in the world. I tasted it, YUM! Then I couldn't put it down I was eating it like a maniac. The snack consisted of cow shaped cookies, that we were dipping in vanilla ice cream. It was so good! I wonder if the fact that the cookies were in the shape of a cow means anything hehe. Then I dreamed that I was in a cottage with my father, and I had a HUGE brown paper bag filled with donuts and pastries. Leftover from something. I took one out and put it on the table to inspect it's uniqueness before I devoured it. It was a donut/pastry (I say pastry because it wasn't in a loop shape, but it was donut consistency) in the shape of a thin woman's hand, and half of the hand was chocolate covered. How weird. This morning when I woke up I was wondering how weird it would feel to eat something in the shape of a human body part, then I thought well, the finger shaped donuts would be pretty tasty hehe. It's not over yet. Then I dreamed that my aunt Ernestine came over and said : I finally found the recipe you asked me for, that your mom used to make years ago! And I made it for you; here. It was cubed potatoes mixed with ground beef with a starchy sauce and slices of tomatoes on top. The little pod type things inside normal tomatoes, were square instead of round. She said that this certain variety of tomatoes which had square 'pods' was the reason the recipe was finally a success. I didn't have the heart tell her that 1- I had just had beef stew. and 2- It was still not mom's recipe, and in fact my mom would be mad because she doesn't like tomatoes that much. Then I woke up feeling SO friggin' relieved that I hadn't actually eaten all that!

So yeah, more about yesterday. The second great thing that happened : We have an intranet at work connected with all the offices. When someone posts an add on the intranet's classifieds, we all get an email with the topic. So I see an email popup that says "Treadmill for sale". We have been wanting a treadmill forever! But they are always so dang expensive. We came *this* close to buying one in January, I really felt that it was IT! It was 50% off regular price. But the sale ended before it would have worked out in the budget. I was so sad that it didnt' work out. I really 'felt' as if it was my time to finally have a treadmill. Aaaanyways. I'm glad that didn't happen because this one is better and a fraction of the price hehe. As soon as I saw the email notification, I dismissed it thinking the asking price must be exorbitant. Three seconds later I had to just go see on the intranet for the specs and the asking price. 400$ ! wow great price, for such a good treadmill, and it's barely been used! I msg dh asking him if I should buy it even though our budget is tighter than ever at the moment, trying to pay off stuff. Then I had a great idea. Steph's birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. His parents normally give me cash to contribute towards a bigger gift to him from all of us! yeah yeah yeah! They are contributing 150$ towards it, and my parents will probably contribute 50$, leaving me with only 200$ to pay for a Free Spirit 2.75hp treadmill! *snoopy dance* I was soooo happy that I had to go outside to walk around, skip and grin like an eejit. (I'm reading "Sushi for beginners", at the moment in my thoughts people aren't idiots they are eejits.)

I still can't believe it today! It's like it was meant to be! My in laws were coming down for Steph's birthday anyways, and they have a pick up truck, and they live in Fredericton and work in the same building that coworker of mine works at, so they met up and arranged pick up etc. Sahweet! That same weekend (April 2nd) my five year old niece has a gymnastics competition here in Moncton, I'm so exited to go see and cheer for her! Apparently she had a competition in Amherst this weekend, and she won a medal AND a trophy! She was ecstatic! I'm so proud of her!

I have been praying really hard for help, motivation and the strenght to lose weight and get healthy. I wonder if our finally getting a treadmill, on the day that the Biggest Loser Contest is announced is a sign?


Hobby Chef said...

That's awesome news, Nancy!! I wish someone would send ME a message about a treadmill for sale for $400! We keep saving up for one, but end up spending that $ on other stuff. *Sigh* At any rate, I think it's great!!

Scatterbrain said...

Oh thats great news Nancy! both newses are wonderfull!!