Saturday, March 25, 2006


Update on the wiper : It finally stopped raining at 1pm yesterday so I could drive (and see) to the garage and have my wiper fixed hehe.

This morning my brother calls at 7am, I thought someone had died. What he wanted was to come drop off money so that I could transfer it to mom's bank account and deposit it in my account. (They seriously need to get acquainted with internet banking, it's magical.) I had to wait for him to come, I was already late for work. I made him take out my garbage in exchange. I drove dh to work, then as I was pulling into the parking lot to go deposit the cash in my account, I rolled up my window and instead of going up, it went diagonally. I tried to roll is down and up again and it almost fell to the ground. I drove to the dealership and they drove me to work, I was really late at this point. Anyways, everything seems to be working fine for now. *knocks on wood*.

I so need to do something entertaining. Saving money and paying off debt is all fine and dandy until you start to get cabin fever really bad. I feel like I have cabin fever so bad that I'm tired of being in my own body. Have you ever felt like you wanted to crawl out of your carcass and have an out of body experience? So I'm trying to think of cheap things to do this weekend to cheer myself up. So far I came up with : Take a nice bath in the Jaccuzi that I almost never use because I hate cleaning it, although I keep forgetting that the cleaning lady can wash it now. Any other suggestions ? I actually even checked out last minute vacation deals on travelocity. The problem is that even if I decided to go wild and spend 800$ to go visit Suzan in Florida, I need to re-apply for a passport first because mine is expired. I'd go alone, because there wouldn't be much point in Steph coming, he'd probably just ask to install World of Warcraft on Suz's computer and play games while we're there. He can do that here.

It's 1h34am on a friday and I'm doing laundry. No wonder I'm depressed.

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