Monday, February 20, 2006

Lost and Found...

So yeah. Friday we were both so out of it that we misplaced 220$. We remembered about it Sunday when we were about to leave for brunch at micginnis, then grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy. I remembered that I told steph "Put this in your pocket, so that the cats don't play with it and scatter it". He didn't remember taking it off the table. We searched everywhere, we even looked in the garbage... twice! yuck. We looked in every single pocket of every single pairs of pants we own. We even looked inside the washer & dryer even though I was sure we didn' t do laundry while drunk. We finally found the stupid 220$ in his SHIRT pocket! Aah relief.

Then we went for brunch at McGinnis. We ate so much. ugh. It's so good. We both had 2 plates full. I had an egg benedict, a waffle with maple syrup, sausage, ham, grapes, beef stew, honey garlic chicken wings, potato salad, hash browns. Add that to my drinking and my out of control eating ever since the staff meeting in Tracadie, and I've gained 8lbs in 5 days. UGH!!! stupid stupid stupid food, why do you have to be so good ? Hopefully some of that is bloating. To gain 8lbs, I would have had to eat 28 000 extra calories on TOP of the calories needed by my body to function. (You need to consume 3500 extra calories to gain a pound, for those of you who don't need to know these things hehe.) Well.... I know that I probably DRANK 2000 calories in the span of those 5 days.... but Hopefully it wasn't 28 000. I did read that an egg benedict has about 1200 calories though. OUCH! No wonder they're so delicious. If it tastes good, spit it out! QUICK!

Well, we suddenly lost our narrow majority in the provincial legislature. Lord's Conservative government has gone from majority to minority following the decision by Michael "Tanker" Malley to abandon the Tory backbenches and sit as an Independent. Lord says his minority government will table a budget when the legislature resumes sitting in March, and if it is defeated, he is prepared for an election. Many are shaking in their boots in the office. If the liberals win the election, which they will... no one has been elected for more than two mandates since Hatfield, then it's pretty much a done thing that the regional offices will close. I truly have no idea in which direction my career path will lead me when (not if) the regional offices close. I don't think that we would like to sell the house and move to the capital so that I could transfer to head office. Dieppe feels too much like home. Fredericton feels too 'cold' and government centered.

My coworker J is already saying things like : Well, maybe they won't renew our building lease in May, maybe we'll be off for the summer. WHAT?! I'm so not ready to make a decision about my future THIS fast. I'm like the mouse who likes to follow the same path although the cheese is not there anymore. ("Who Moved My Cheese?") I don't do well with change unless it was initiated by me. Although I have big plans. It's in my field, it's something I'm really exited about, and Leah inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and chase after my dreams. By now you must have a slight idea of the general direction I'm going in. I won't say too much for now, as my business partner and I are still in the planning and research phase. But who knows... if this takes off, I certainly won't cry over the closure of my office hehe. If it doesn't take off, well at least I will have tried. If I never try to follow my dreams I'll never know if I could have reached them.

So.. *taps foot*. I was so exited to finally be able to blog about my awesome trip last week, I have been waiting by my inbox ever since, hoping for comments! Is anyone still reading ? *echo* Do I sound like someone who's guilt tripping you (yes, you!) into commenting ? Good! Because that's what I'm doing :) I know how it is though. I LOVE reading blogs, but I often slack on the commenting because I don't know what to add, or it's a pain to go through the verification process LOL What are your thoughts on commenting ? Do you care if readers comment on your blog or not ? Am I just an attention/comment wh0re ?


Scatterbrain said...

Those drinks in your pictures look very yummy.

Kelsie said...

If you are a comment whore, then I too should be considered one. I so hear ya on the commenting thing. I check my blog all the time and feel a teensy tiny bit of disappointment if no one thought my writings were comment worthy. It makes me feel a little unloved when I have multiple posts that go uncommented on. Maybe I should end my blogs with comment now please.


If I would have read your other post sooner, I probably would have commented before now. I haven't yet but I will.

I also feel that if I comment on others blogs they will feel compelled to comment on mine. Yeah, it's not so much working out for me.

SO now that I have totally unloaded on your comment with me.

Scatterbrain said...

heheh, Kelsie, I'm the same way, I feel if i comment on Nancy's or other blogs then they will come comment on mine, LOL, and I feel dispointed too if no one comments, especially if I thought it was a real good comment worthy entry. Maybe I'l go comment on your blog Kelsie, then you can comment on mine. HAHAHA

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm definitely a comment whore. I'd be perfectly content if each comment just said, "I'm still reading."

If it makes you feel any better, I did tell my mother about things you'd written in the last entry, like about the kangaroo pee and "drunkity-drunk-drunk."

Hobby Chef said...

I'm here - I'm reading!!!!

miika said...

I'm reading too :-) And I'm with all the others, comments are lovely... unfortunately, my blog is kinda private (not THAT kind of private!), so I don't exactly get a lot of comments LOL

Kelsie said...

Hey Miika...if I had your link to your blog, then I would read and probably post to it. I didn't even know you had a blog!