Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I do anything to just feel bett-tter-er-er-er

I'd like to feel better. Who doesn't ? But I don't feel particularly bad.... I just have the Steven Tyler & Santana song "Just Feel Better" stuck in my brain hehe. I love his voice. I love how he seems to pronounce better: "bett-er".

So I'm back down to where I was, weight loss-wise, before I left for Tracadie. W00t! Like I was hoping, it seems that most of it was just water retention. I'm at - 22lbs. So why can't I see it in the mirror ? I don't even LOOK like I lost any weight at all. But I know it's coming off, because it seems like all my clothes are either too big, or too snug. argh! How the hell did I jump over one size when I gained weight last year ? And it'd be ridiculous to go buy new clothes now that will hopefully be too big soon anyways. I could go buy second hand clothes at frenchy's, but most times what I find in there looks less professional than my baggy office clothes anyway. What I need to do is start doing WATP again. (Walk Away the Pounds - Leslie Sansone). That's quick and effective. Fitness buffs like Heather, Justine and Amanda would find these workout dvd's way too easy, but it's perfect for me. I have the One, Two and Three mile dvd's, the walk and jog and the walk and kick. The furthest I ever got was the 2 mile. But it feels great to be physically able to do it start to finish. I haven't done it in so long though that I'll have to start at one mile again. For those unfamiliar with WATP, it's a combination of walking in place, kicks, knee lifts, kick backs, squats, etc. with 2lbs hand weights.

I'm going to see the specialist this afternoon for my carpal tunnel. It's ironic that I finally get my appointment after waiting for months after my referral, when my wrist finally feel a lot better since I've started going to the chiro. One thing that hurts so much, I can barely stand to do it, is hmm.... stroke my dh's.... ego LOL. You know what I mean. I don't think I want to tell THAT to the specialist :P They say that one thing you can do to see how your hands/wrists are doing, is press your pinky and thumb together as hard as you can. The harder you can press, the better they are. I can press my pinky and thumb together pretty normally with my left hand, but when trying with my right hand, I can barely make my pinky and thumb touch. You try it. How are your wrists doing ?


Kelsie said...

My wrists are doing very well. Thanks for asking.


Hobby Chef said...

You'll be relieved to know that both of my wrists are healthy.

My parents do Walk Away the Pounds and they really like it. I think it's an awesome way to get into a workout program.

Scatterbrain said...

yay for you 22lbs gone, that's so awesome!! and your totally kicking my ass, I gained some of mine back again. :(