Monday, February 06, 2006

I Need a Shot of Energy!

I wish I had more energy tonight. (And all the time hehe.) After reading Justine's and Badger Girl's blogs, I really feel inspired to clean up and organize my home and my life. I need to create a good balance schedule between work and hobbies. Hobbies too often are forgotten in the day to day grind. Work-Sleep-Eat-Clean-Reboot. Ugh I wish Barry Manilow wasn't singing this bad on Martha right now. It's distracting. He would never get past the three stooges on American Idol. Plus he looks kind of funky. He has an aerodynamic kind of cartoony face. No offence to all the Barry Manilow fans out there :P

A new employee started at work this morning. I'm not sure if I like or hate him yet. I'll keep you updated. Since he doesn't have a key yet, I asked him what time he was planning on coming in tomorrow morning. Oh, around 7h30am he says. Bwahahaha. Yeah right. Be there at 8h30am ok Newb ? I hope he's not one of those annoying brown noser types. I went in his office to give him a box of kleenex and he acted as if I had just given him a pay increase. WOOOAH! Kleenex!!! Wait until he blows his nose and finds out that it's rougher than sandpaper.

I just saw Nate redecorate someone's house on Oprah. It inspires me to decorate. The house was Beee-eautiful. But what I don't get is that the couple had NO kitchen in their house. NOTHING. just a big empty room with pipes coming out of the walls. They had a fridge and a microwave in the unfinished basement, and they washed pots and pans and dishes in the upstairs bathroom sink and bathtub. Oprah asked them for how long have they been living like this ? Oh 1.5 years-2 years. WHAT? Okay, you know you are buying a house you cannot afford when.... I mean the house was gorgeous, but it was practically naked. They had a couch and a tv sitting on a towel on the floor.

Ugh I swear I can't continue blogging Barry Manilow is just too ubly, that's the only thing I can think of. But I'm not turning the channel because Martha is teaching Barry and me how to make bread :)

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