Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Heart the Sun !

FINALLY! We got some sunshine yesterday, after weeks of gray. We're back to gray weather today, but yesterday's sunshine did wonders to my spirits! It's not just the sunshine though... I have FINALLY lost the lbs that I had gained! WOOHOO! *snoopy dance* And the best best thing... I haven't needed any insuline injections whatsoever in the last 72 hours! Don't worry, I'm testing my blood sugars diligently.

The weekend is almost over. It was a nice relaxing one. We got up early and went to the farmers market yesterday morning. My friend Suzan thought that farmers markets were like flea markets. It's not like that. It's where farmers and crafters sell their products directly to the consumers, and it's open every saturday mornings 7am-1pm. I usually go there to buy my organic chicken, organic beef, eggs, organic veggies, all natural peanut butter, and I tried for the first time saturday fresh homemade whole wheat linguine. YUM! You can also get dairy and cheeses and nuts, hand made soaps, seafood, ready to eat food of all kinds, and a whole lot more. My coworker Mike and his wife have a Thai Cuisine booth. He met his wife in Singapore while working there for 8 years.

Well, I'll blog some more later or tomorrow, I have to go put a load of laundry to wash before Grey's Anatomy starts :D


miika said...


Sounds like a great weekend :-) Congratulations!

Scatterbrain said...

...Oh let the sunshine in...let it with a grin...early in the morning...let the dunshine in..

I think I missed a part?

How come you get so many comments and I get none? except for you and Shane when you feel sorry for me. lol

Glad to see/hear your feeling better, but you already know I'm glad because we already talked, I'm actually just commenting so you'll feel compelled to comment on my blog.