Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I need to blog this for Tina.

There must be something in the city water. Wait Tina's in Salisbury and I'm in Dieppe. Are we drinking the same water ? Anyways when she said she had blogged I went to read hoping that her blog would cheer me up. Well she's as depressed as me. I hope that we both feel better tomorrow, but in a selfish way I'm glad that I'm not the only one feeling hopeless.

So I commented to her that I would post about somethign that makes me laugh everytime. Here it is : Voting.

OMG I don't know WHY, but it happens everytime I go vote. I prepare myself in advance, and I promise myself that I will NOT get the giggles as I go hide behind the cardboard voting booth. But everytime, it doesn't matter if it's municipal, provincial or federal.. uncontrollable giggles emerge from me as soon as they hand me the ballot. I often wonder if other voters waiting in line are thinking that I must be taking my time because I'm carefully making an informed decision. When the reality is that I duck behind the cardboard booth to hide and silently giggle like a crazy voter. LOL Okay I even made myself smile thinking about it now, so hopefully I made Tina smile too.

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