Monday, November 05, 2007

I miss Blogger

Sigh. I love Wordpress and all that it has to offer me. It's all new and shiny. But it's not 'broken in' yet. I miss blogger. I've been with blogger for so long... like a comfy pair of old shoes. It has its drawbacks... but I miss it. Plus I kinda don't like the way my paragraphs are all smooshed together. I don't like the font that I'm displaying in. And I don't see an option to change that with the free wordpress package. So please vote and make up my mind for me. 3 options :

1 - Quit whining and deal with it. Stay with Wordpress.

2 - Go back to Blogger and have only mostly private blogs on here (password protected). I don't blog private stuff that often so I'd just post about the secret post on blogger.

3 - Go back to Blogger and forget about Wordpress. Well now that I think about this option it sounds like no fun because then I'm back to not being able to blog about stuff that I don't want specific people to read...

Please vote! :D


roseannm said...

I just want YOU to be happy, Nancy! ;)

I think making the Wordpress blog for "secret" stuff is fine as long as you give some notice that there are new posts there.

Rebecca said...

Okay, I just had a major deja vu moment because I know I read this post earlier and I commented on it, but my comment was nowhere to be found! That's because you posted the same thing on Wordpress and that's the one I commented on. sneaky girl!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Hmmm, I say stick with Wordpress another couple weeks and if you still have good memories of Blogger......go back! :).

Amanda said...

I vote with RoseAnn!

Peeps said...

I miss you blogging. LOL

What I don't miss, is the freaking verification words all the time. I'd give wordpress a chance?

Sugar said...

Hi! It's Jenna from iVillage :)

I vote Blogger. I used to have a secret blog and a regular blog, but of course they were all online to the world.

I suppose now I let it all hang out ;)