Monday, August 13, 2007

A Great Birthday Weekend Story

I had declared that the weekend was going to be my 'Birthday Weekend'. In my mind it justified everything I did and ate. "Well, it's a birthday poutine". "It's a birthday ice cream cone". "It's a birthday glass of wine.. or two". Hehe. I had a great weekend!!

Friday after work I went grocery shopping at Sobeys and they had great deals! Score!! Like a big basket of peaches for 2.99$, and fresh mushroom packages 2 for the price of 1 :) Then I picked up Steph and we went home and I ate like 3 peaches at once hehe. We spent the night relaxing; Steph was playing World of Warcraft and I watching "Shut up and Sing" (Dixie Chicks documentary), thenI watched some What Not To Wear. We went to bed fairly early for a Friday night. Well early for us at 1am.

Saturday morning we got up bright and earlyish (9am) to get ready for Infiknowledge's Magic Mountain day! Why do women have sooo much hairy body parts to take care of before being acceptable in public? So not fair! We had a great time at Magic Mountain. We're not big sliders, but we went for like 10 rounds in the Wave Pool, and we went down the Lazy River once. Guess what.. Last year Steph couldn't even fit properly on a tube to go down the Lazy River, he quickly fell off his tube last year and had to walk down the river with the tube around his neck :-s But this year? He fit in the tube and could be lazy in the lazy river! And I fit much better in the tube. (I fit like I should fit, but butt goes in the tube hole instead of resting on top of the hole hehe.) So that was really fun and exiting for us hehe. Around 2pm, after some drama with the people that had rented our pavillion before us, we finally fired up the BBQ's and had good food :) We also ate the food that the previous guys left when they left rather fast after Austin and Amy scared them away LOL. We left Magic Mountain around 5pm when Steph couldn't take any more Wave Pool rounds because both his legs were cramping up..wicked charlie horses. Poor guy needs to exercise his poor muscles more ;) We stopped for a 'birthday dipped ice cream cone' on the way home then we relaxed at home and I played Scrabble on Facebook hehe.

Sunday morning Steph woke me up at 10h30, and I got ready and we went to see 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. It was pretty good, I liked it better than the 2nd Bourne movie. I had a 'birthday poutine, a birthday popcorn and a birthday big ass diet coke' at the movies lol. After the movie we got on the Highway and some big Camper in front of us had pieces of metal flapping in the wind, detaching themselves and flying on the road at us and Steph was swirving them like we were playing Grand Theft Auto or something. WTH. Didn't camper guy notice that his Camper was literrally disintegrating in the wind and being dangerous? Anyway, we got to Sophie & Tim's and Sophie's brother and his girlfriend were there so we were greeted by the Shnauzer army : Bruce, Daisy and Jasper hehe. Too cute. I want a Shnauzer now. I think Loki would love a sister.

Lots of chatter, wine, awesome food, and Big Brother :) Tim is a freaking GREAT cook. He wouldn't believe me when I told him that his was the best bruschetta I had ever had. But I swear, it was. I don't know if it was the baguette that was a day older than he thought it was, but it was deliciously crispy and tasty. Then Tim went outside in his garden to harvest a plate of fresh carrots, green beans and a cherry tomato for us. He came back with a pretty plate arranged all fancy, and he had picked 2 beautiful bright orange flowers from his garden, one for Sophie and one for me. How sweet is THAT? Sophie, you married a great guy!! Oh by the way :

Congratulations Sophie & Tim!!
They had their private wedding ceremony on Saturday and Friday it's the reception!

After more chatter and more drinks, Tim BBQ'd some burgers and pork loins. When he said "there's a pork loin for everyone' I thought : blah, I'm not that big on pork meat because people always overcook it and it's always tasteless and dry...but Oh-My-God.. it was deliciously seasoned with fresh herbs from his garden, and sooo tender. I have never had such a great free meal before hehe. Sophie and I decided that the next time we get together we should all make a recipe together and chip in for the ingredients. We could make something fancier. I've wanted to try a saffron recipe for a while now, so that's one idea. We'll see I guess :) I also made out really good on birthday gifts!! hehe Tim gave us a big jar of freshly made (Before Steph's eyes hehe) pesto. YUM! And Sophie gave me a very cute little jar with some fresh herbs! Thanks guys!!!

It wasn't planned, all of Sunday sort of just happened, but this was one of the best birthday weekends ever! Now.. I've got to lose those 6 birthday pounds I gained over the weekend LOL But I'm not worried at all. I ate a lot of salty popcorn, I feel bloated and my period started yesterday. I'm glad that it waited after Magic Mountain to come hehe.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!


Kelsie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

Jenn said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your birthday!

Peeps said...

We had a blast! And I'll have Tim read the blog entry so he believes you about the brushetta lol. Everything is better when it's made fresh though...most restaurants buy Brushetta mix in a jar...I should know ;)

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one!

Kelsie said...

Um....please check your email. Oh and a response would be nice. ;)

miika said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like an awesome weekend!