Friday, August 03, 2007

Before & During Pictures

Courtney asked to see some before & after pictures, well I'm not nearly done so here are some before & during pictures. But I've decided to only put 'bad' pictures. Aka pictures that other people shot that I didn't have a say in. (Because I only normally keep 'good' self-shots aka hidden fat/double chin as most as I can, or if it's Steph I can annoy the hell out of him by making him shoot the picture like 10 times before I'm satisfied.) And it's weird normally everytime I try to lose weight I take pictures to try and see progress, but this time I don't know why (the only time that I've lost the most weight I"ve ever lost.. figures) I didn't take any pictures. The pics I'm posting here are pretty much the only recent pics of me hehe.

(Click on them to enlarge)

I have NO idea where or when this was... It has to be an IK event...
and it was in 2006 for sure.

This was in October 2006 at Kate's wedding

Christmas 2006 - Theriault Family.

January 2007 - Party at Tina's
(The next few pics are from that night and I think I looked so horrible in those pictures that I gave up on pics of myself after that LOL. I had lost like 10 lbs at that point I Think.)

January 2007

January 2007. Sophie you look like you've toned up at lot since then eh?

January 2007. Ew. ew ew.

End of January 2007 - Snoop Dogg night!

First week of July 2007 - Me and a big nut. Flabbolicious.

My most recent picture! This was taken last week at Kate's Mary Kay party. This is a -63 lbs picture. And it's a very pro-double-chin angle. I swear. No hiding fat there. That's my double chin in all it's glory. I'm glad I posted these I can definitely see a difference between this double chin and the horrid January double chin. What do you think?


k8 said...

That first photo was taken at the Voodoo and I took the photo.

I think you should mention that the Snoop dogg photo was taken in a Escalade Limo.. totally worth noting.

The Mary Kay picture is a great one! You can see how we tried to cover up your tattoo heheh

Amanda said...

Looking good, Nancy!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I'm proud of you!

Jenn said...

You are doing wonderful Nancy!!! I'm so proud of you for keeping up with it. I gave up after 3 months.

Courtney said...

Okay, to be fair, I asked for before and DURING pics b/c I know you aren't done. I totally have faith in you. AND you look FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! OMG... I totally see the difference in the pics. That Mary Kay pic is beautiful!

RoseAnn said...

You look amazing, Nancy!

Keep up the good work!!!

Mindy said...

You are doing great! Keep at it, girl!

Heather said...

Your progress is DEFINITELY noticeable - and I can tell that you're feeling more confident, too! You look downright HOT in that last picture!

miika said...

Wow! Awesome! And yup, you look hot!!

suzaninfl said...

You look fantastic! I'm so proud of you. You are truly an inspiration. Love ya =o)

Peeps said...

Definite noticeable difference, you look great! And I toned up too yay, lol. You're doing awesome, keep up the good work!

Stacey said...

I think you look absolutely amazing!

Lisa said...

Your awesome Nanc! I'm totally proud of you, because quite honestly, I know I could never have the willpower you have!

Keep it up!