Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heather's Wednesday Blog Challenge # 18

HWBC # 18 - Confess away. It could be anything. You don't pay your bills on time. You haven't eaten a vegetable in three years. You don't know your times tables. You wear the same underwear two days in a row. You haven't yet washed the pot that's been in your sink for the past two months. Your neighbors complain because you mow your lawn too infrequently. You kiss your pet on the mouth. You talk to yourself out loud - and answer yourself. You're wearing your old e-rings and wedding band just because they look pretty and happened to be right next to the computer (*blush*).

*****These are my confessions (sing it like Usher! :P)

  • I am secretly a yeti. I don't shave my legs nearly as often as I should. I can even go for like 2 months in the winter. I have to wear my knee high compression socks and everything so... yeah. Poor Steph. :P
  • Back in the 6th grade when Hypercolor t-shirts were in (I had the purple one that turned pink when someone touched it hehe.) I used to lock myself in the bathroom and grab my boobs and watch the two pink boobie handprints fade LOL!
  • When I go to the grocery store to buy strawberries, most of the time I'll lift the top pallet just to have my pick from the untouched full pallet of strawberries under. Even if theres a perfectly good pack of strawberries on the first level. In my mind they're 'fresher' on the bottom layers and less people have touched them. For the fruits and veggies displays, I always reach for the fruit or veggie on the very top of the display where it looks like less people have touched them, even though I wash them at home.
  • I have a wool cardigan sweater here at work that I've had since I was in the 9th grade lol!
  • I secretly LOVED watching Victoria Beckam in "Coming to America" earlier this week!
  • Okay these are becoming less and less interresting, but I love seing Jen stuck in that red unitard all week on BB8!! But I would have loved even more to see Dick be stuck in the red unitard that would have been hilarious!! hehe
  • That's it for now... check for updates though I'll update if I can think of more confessions (that I don't mind 50 people reading hehe).

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Jenn said...

Have you seen what Jen turned her unitard into? She turned it into a very tiny bikini.