Friday, July 20, 2007

He wears his sunglasses at night..

It's 80's theme day at Steph's work! (They have fun theme days every Friday this summer that they get dressed up for and they have prizes for best costumes etc. Fun!)

Look at my 80's husband!! He looks like he's lost weight eh? (He's down 50lbs since January!! Well actually it's a little more than that but it's 50 recorded lbs because our scale only goes up to a certain number so he weighed 'error' for a week hehe)

I'm so proud of him!! <3>

How do you like my permanent marker home made Vuarnet t-shirt? hehe


Hobby Chef said...

OMG, he looks AWESOME!!! You guys are doing so great - way to go!!

Also, when I first saw that photo I thought "Gee, I can't believe he still has a Vaurnet shirt." I can't believe you made it yourself - it looks like the real thing!!

k8 said...

Yeah great work on the making that tshirt. It was a big hit at work.. definitly an original 80s trademark.

miika said...

He looks pretty cool! I think that's neat that they have these fun fridays... gotta have fun at work one way or another, right? :-)

And congratulate him on his weight loss, that's no small feat!

Heather said...

You guys are AMAZING with your weight loss! I've been an utter loser with commenting because I'm too lazy to click out of Bloglines, but seriously... I'm so proud of you both and your commitment. You rock!

MegWalterbach said...

Yay!! Your hubby looks fantastic! I hope he had a fun Friday playing dress up :)