Friday, July 27, 2007

Freaky Fridays

So Sophie, this is the dress I was thinking of wearing to your wedding reception! LOL (Without the half basketballs for each boob... or maybe I should... hehe)

Yep, another themed Friday at InfiKnowledge - Dress & Tie day. Taken quite literally by half the participating males hehe.


Lisa said...

K, I seriously love that dress. Was that supposed to be a joke? Cause its super cute! LOL. I'm having a blonde day, sorry.

Crazymrsnancy said...

LOL Well steph wearing a dress and a tie was a joke.. But it's really the dress that I was planning to wear at the wedding reception but now I"m not so sure since everyone's seen it.. worn by Steph (it is my ONLY dress besides my old prom dress somewhere in the basement)... lol What do you think ?

Hobby Chef said...

HA!! Does Steph know that you're posting these pix on your blog???

I also love love love the dress - SOOOO cute!!!!

Peeps said...

BAHAHA!!! I do love the dress Nancy, it's beautiful! But I think you should wear it instead of Steph lol. It's perfect for the reception, I love it!

He's still pretty cute in it though, lol. DOES he know you're posting the pics on your blog? LOL


Melissa said...

hahahaha this was awesome!! Stephane always has great costumes!!!