Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Update - Had a great weekend!

I had a really great weekend!

Friday :

Tim and Sophie came over for a BBQ and a bonfire. We had so much fun! I'm talking to Sophie on MSN almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, so although we've only hung out in real life 3-4 times, I feel like we know each other like good old friends hehe. So I'm glad that our hubands (well, her soon to be husband, in 2 months) are getting along great! Loki tried to rape their dog Jasper for the first hour, then he finally calmed down. Thankfully. We don't rape our guests. We chatted and chatted until 12 am and by the time they left, Loki was totally exhausted hehe. You can see the pictures of the evening here on Facebook.

Saturday :

I slept in until 10 am *bliss* (had gone to bed at 3am the night before..) then I vegged around until I had to leave for my hair appointment at 3pm. I was going for a hair cut and then it would conveniently looked great for the party. It's weird how I was telling Tina on MSN that I'm going to Regis and not Mastercuts, which is less expensive, because I didn't mind paying extra to be sure that I'm happy with my hair. Well I'm not. blah. Thankfully I've noticed that short hair grows faster than long hair. So I'll wait until it's long again to go to Regis at the Mall where I usually go. (I had gone to Trinity.) Came home, got the gift ready, Steph helped me prepare the cheese & sausage platters with crackers... They were a big hit at the party! I had Brie, cheddar, marbled, havarti and vegetable havarti Yum. Then when it was time to put some plastic wrap to cover them, I realized that I only had 6 inches of it left. GAH! Didn't have time to go to the store, so I walked outside on my deck with my fingers crossed and coincidentally, my neighbors were also on their deck and graciously offered their roll of plastic wrap hehe. We were supposed to be at Kate's house before 6h30pm, because it was a surprise birthday party... and the actual surprise part of it was going to be at 6h30. We got there at 6h31. Kate and Collin weren't there yet, there were no cars in the driveway. Allt he cars were parked further on the other street, so we went to park, and ran like hell inside the house witht he cheese trays LOL! We were all hiding in the basement so that we couldn't be seen in the windows, and Holly would yell at us to come up when they were in the driveway. It went great! The party was super fun, Kate was genuinely surprised! I love their house, I can't wait to have a finished basement. We left at midnight and went to bed at 3am again. Click here for pics of the evening on Facebook.

Sunday :

Slept in until noon *blush*. Ate some more cheese & crackers, then my best husband in the world took me to see Ocean's 13 instead of what he really wanted to see, Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I've tried to like the Pirate movies and I just don't. I hate them. The second movie couldn't end fast enough. But I loooove the Ocean's movies :) George Clooney and Brad Pitt, need I say more? No seriously, I love everything about them, the ideas, the tricks, the music... when I walk out of seing an Oceans movie I feel like walking with a spring in my step and with jazz music in my head LOL. After the movie we stopped at my work for an hour because I had forgotten to print documents for my meeting tomorrow in Sackville. Now we're juste vedging and trying to will the clock to stop moving so fast during weekends. hehe.


Rebecca said...

Mmm George....we almost saw that last night but didn't. Sounds like you had a great weekend, pics were awesome!

miika said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Gotta go check out those pics... and cheese and crackers sounds really good right now lol

Peeps said...

We had a blast at your place Nancy! LOL. Poor Jasper. He's recovered nicely, and it helped him deal with the boxer he met yesterday. He really held his own. Thanks Loki! LOL

Hobby Chef said...

I agree about the Pirates movies. Did you like Ocean's 13 better than Ocean's 12? I thought Ocean's 11 was awesome, 12 was eh ... and I have high hopes for 13.

Your weekend sounds delightful, especially the sleeping in! :-)