Friday, May 11, 2007


Wow, I hadn't realized that it had been a whole week since I last blogged! What a slacker eh? Monday and Tuesday I was in Fredericton for staff meetings, it went really really well. The first night, they had organized a nice dinner and then we were promised a "surprise entertainment". During a break in the afternoon a bunch of us were outside the hotel enjoying the first awesome hot spring/summer day (26C!!) when we saw the surprise entertainment arrive : an elvis impersonator. At first I was like : aww man, that's going to suck. But I actually ended up being really impressed by the guy, he really was entertaining hehe. He would sing and move across the room and swing his hips and give flower leis to the ladies and say "You've just be lei'd by Elvis" lol. Okay it sounds tacky when I'm writing it, but you had to be there, it was absolutely hilarious hehe. And he was a great singer. He's actually competing in Memphis this month, and we also learned that he was a baptist minister! Kinda reminds me of the minister dad in 7th heaven who impersonated Elvis for a whole episode last season hehe.

That Monday night we partied as hard and loud as ever. Have you ever partied with a bunch of people who are at least 2 or 3 times your age and that you're not related too? It feels very weird at first hehe. But fortunately I grew up with parents that were music lovers (like I grew up to be) and I remember the four of us putting on vinyl records and dancing in the living room like maniacs etc. Two of the guys were playing accoustic guitars and we were all singing oldies : CCR, The Beatles, House of the rising sun, acadian songs, etc It was a blast. At some point the front desk called and gave us a warning to tone it down. oops. but we got drunker and louder. oops. At 9h58pm, the guy in the next room banged on the door, barged in, and yelled "Can you stop the effin noise, I'm trying to effin sleep!". Woah. major oops. I never saw 2 guitars be packed so fast in my life. We all felt so bad hehe. Ah well, it was only 10pm, not like it was 1am.

At some time during the party, I got a chance to talk to my boss about my dilemma, and the reasons why I was thinking of taking another position in the first place : I want something permanent (no more contracts) and I want to have more responsibilities. The first half of the fiscal year, right after the budgets is fine, I have enough work to keep me busy with the program me and J process, but for the other half of the year, when we're out of money (vent for another day..) is really boring most of the time. Normally they let me know if they're renewing my contract about a week after my contract is due..... And I needed to make a decision about the other job before that. So anyway, yesterday I was emailing back and forth with Kate, she works at IK with Steph, and she brought up some good points. Combined with other things that had been happening, I told kate that my mind was made up, that if they were going to renew my contract I'd sign and stay at least for another year. I click send, and the phone immediately rings, and it's my boss telling me that they're renewing my contract for a year and that I should get it next week, and that they're going to work towards making me permanent and giving me more responsibilities. WOOHOO!


miika said...

Yay! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the permanent position with more responsibilities will work out!

Peeps said...

Awesome Nancy! Hope everything works out the way you want it to.

Mindy said...

Yes, you slacker! I realized it had been a week since you blogged! GEESH!

Some of the best partying I've done in my life was with people two and three times my age . . . ah, the memories!

Congrats on the renewal contract and I hope everything works out perfectly for you!

Scatterbrain said...

Thats fantastic news Nancy!!! I super hope you get made permanent!

Hobby Chef said...

I'm so glad you talked to your boss. Hopefully they'll be able to restructure your job a bit in order to make it more challenging for you!

Heather Boies said...

OMG, That Elvis guy used to come in to a restaurant I worked at every year. These regulars would have their birthday parties there, and they would have him in for entertainment. Seriously, the guy made me nearly piss myself one night! hahahahaha