Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CrazyMrsNancy : Guitar Hero

Sunday I played wrist-numbing hours of Guitar Hero II hehe. I cleared the easy mode and I only have 3 more songs to play to clear the medium level. They're getting pretty hard, I failed twice! (If you miss so many notes the crowd starts to BOO you offstage and you fail the song hehe.)

Steph sent me the link for this yesterday, which is going to ROCK!! (literally!) I can't wait! I'm definitely going to ditch the guitar and take the Microphone though hehe.

"Guitar Hero was just the opening act. MTV and the developers of that video game have a headliner in the works called Rock Band, which lets four music lovers gig together in person or online."

Seriously, if you thought DDR was addictive, try Guitar Hero. It doesn't burn as many calories as DDR, but it's even more fun :)


Mindy said...

You crack me up.

The only game I play is Spider Solitaire on my phone. We don't even own a gaming system! My 8 year old can tell you all about the horrors of that!

Lisa said...


K, I played the wii a couple of weekends ago and I so want one!!