Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm Back!

From period-induced funkytown! If you've been following the Adventures of Nancy's uterus, you'll be shocked to learn that I'm just ending what was baptized as the period of the century. Period of the century was of course accompanied by PMS of the century hehe. Hallmark should make cards that say "Thank you for enduring me during my PMS this month".

In other news, I now have a brand spankin' new time consuming addiction : Holy eff that crap is addictive. hehe. I still don't really get Myspace, but Facebook rocks! hehe. Don't you hate how when I haven't blogged in a week I have so much to say that I'm all over the place? Yeah sorry about that... I got all the stuff to start my vegetable garden seeds indoors! Tomorrow we're going to set-up the area and start planting hehe. We have to set-up the fluorescent lights in a way that they can be lowered and raised easily. Also, if I want to have money for the materials to build the raised garden beds and to stain the deck, our social life will have to continue to revolve around free activities for a while hehe. At least I'll be able to feed my guests some home grown veggies! Oh speaking about that... Steph went to Home Hardware to buy the chains and hooks and other little bits we needed to fix the fluorescent light set-up, and the salesperson asked him if this was for a weed-growing set-up. WTF? hehe Do they ask that to anyone who puts fluorescent lights up, or does Steph just look like a pothead?

Hmm what else? Oh I've decided to try and go to bed no later than 11pm every night starting Sunday, which would give me 7 hours of sleep a night, which would be awesome! I know that's too many whiches... Now that my period of the century pms cravings are fading away, I'm ready to get back on the effing wagon. I had kind of fell off it a little bit. The good news is that I haven't gained any weight, but now I need to start losing again. I don't particularly care for summer clothes, but it would be great to go down a couple of sizes for fall clothes! My favorite clothing season hehe.

I know I'm a little late, but I think that I'm ready to join in Wednesday's challenge.


miika said...

Congrats for having survived the PMS/period of the century, and yay for a veggie garden! My own little dream, but it won't happen until we buy a house with a bit of a yard ;-)
See you on facebook LOL

Rebecca said...

Finally! Lori and I were just commenting yesterday how you haven't blogged lately. Welcome back!

Peeps said...

Yay, you're back!!! I missed your blog.

Lisa said...

I'm going through crampy, helly PMS right now!

Hey, did you get your 7 hours last night?