Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Less pissy today

Well I feel better today, mood-wise hehe. Thanks for all the encouragement/compliments, comments and emails! You all made my day. I immediately got pissy yesterday as soon as I came into work and the first thing that my coworker J told me was : You weren't that close to your grandmother eh? ...[my reply...] Oh, well your father wasn't close to her mother eh? Excuse me? My father was very very close to his mother. My parents even moved to Bathurst when they reunited with my father's family, to be close to them. Who says something like that? What was she hoping to accomplish with that comment? What was I to do? Not attend my grandmother's funeral because I didn't see her that often? Besides, I didn't even take all of the bereavement leave days I was entitled to. Give me a break. ugh. I think karma is reading my blog, I just heard some weird noise and cursing coming out of her office, I think she stapled her fingers or something.

Plus, them not noticing my new hair color and/or weight loss is pretty typical too. I can wear a new outfit for like a month before J will notice that I'm wearing something new. Then every time that I wear it after that she asks me if it's new. And I have this diamond heart necklace that Steph gave me our very first Christmas together, and every single time I wear it she asks me if it's new! I can see the humour in all this when I'm in a good mood hehe. But it can get annoying quite fast.

While I'm complaining about work... I started reading the packet of junk/information J brought me back from last Thursday's staff meeting that I missed. I cannot freaking believe the stupid rules our IT department implement on a regular basis, but this one takes the cake. Apparently from now on we're to empty our inbox every single business day, and failure to do so will result in our manager taking action during our work evaluations. Uh... what? They're going to go through everyone's inboxes one by one to make sure they're empty? We have a 20gig email storage limit on the server and I use 13mb. Seriously... I know they're trying to change the bad habits of some people like my coworker G who has 800 new unread emails in his inbox at any given time... but come the fuck on, let's not exagerate here! I'm not freaking deleting my inbox every business day. I'm not emptying my inbox ever. I always keep it scroll free and that's it. When it's right there I know what I have on the go. It's not like I ever get any substantial raises anyways, and if they decide to fire me because I don't empty my inbox everyday, well so be it. Seriously.

Er... I guess I'm not that much less pissy after all :P


Katie said...

Hey hon- I just wanted to congratulate you on the weight loss! 20 lbs is FANTASTIC! Keep up the amazing work! *hugs*
And how awesome is it that you haven't smoked in 36 days? Now are those completely smoke free, or are there a few drags here and there- either way- WOW!
Keep up the great work hon! Even if people you see every day don't say anything, we're proud of you!

(BTW- the karma thing about had me spewing mashed potatoes across my computer screen- it's lunch time, and my coworkers thought I'd lost it)

Lisa said...

Dumb co-workers! I am soooo happy about 36 smoke free days! I know how hard it is (well, Brad quit) so good for you!! And the weight loss, awesome!