Monday, February 19, 2007

*Jazz Hands* !

Well yall will be proud of me! I just worked out harder than I've worked out in a LONG time! Beet-face-intensity. I just did "Walk Away the Pounds 1 Mile" (20 mins) and then I did "Richard Simmons's Supersweatin' Party Off the Pounds" Have you ever done a Richard Simmons DVD ? Well first of all it's the best workout EVER to do when you're depressed. I garantee his cornball dance moves and *sparkle hands* and *big rainbows* will make you laugh your freaking arse off! I swear I snapped my fingers so much my fingerprints are almost faded.

I remember the very first time that I tried a Richard Simmons.... well it was VHS then hehe. I was about 12 years old. My mom and me split the cost and bought it together. We got home, changed into our workout clothes, popped the VHS in the VCR, and got ready to "Sweat to the Oldies 2". The warm-up began and we began giggling uncontrollably. By the time the 2nd song started we were collapsed on the couch laughing so hard we were crying! LOL If you've ever worked out to this DVD/VHS... remember when he screams " DADDY! DADDYY-ah DADDYYYYYYYYYYYY" ROTFL!!!

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